Opsite Flexifix- Ideal for Quick Fixation of Primary Dressings

The tubes, stoma devices and other primary wound dressings need to be fixed in the place in order to prevent the risk of infection. For this, a wound dressing retention film is required that is non-irritating to the skin as well as stays on for a long time. Wound Care presents you Opsite Flexifix, a highly extensible and comfortable dressing fixation tape.


What is Opsite Flexifix?

Opsite Flexifix is a transparent adhesive film that comes with a distinctive wound measurement grid. It is used for fixing primary dressing, tubes, leg bags, and stoma devices. With high moisture permeability, it lets excess exudate to evaporate, preventing skin maceration. It is conformable to your body contours for ease of movement.
You can also get Opsite Flexifix Gentle that incorporates all the qualities of Opsite Flexifix and has a gentle silicone gel adhesive to suit fragile skin.


The Opsite Flexifix and Opsite Flexifix Gentle dressings come in sizes to choose from:

  • Opsite Flexifix 5cm x 1m, Pack Size 1
  • Opsite Flexifix 10cm x 1m, Pack Size 1
  • Opsite Flexifix 2.5cm x 5m Gentle, Pack Size 1
  • Opsite Flexifix 5cm x 5m Gentle, Pack Size 1


Benefits of Opsite Flexifix

  • Reduces moisture build-up
  • Needs fewer dressing changes
  • Prevents bacterial infection
  • Hypoallergenic; ideal for fragile skin
  • Waterproof; allows patients to take a shower
  • Conformable to sit well on awkward body contours
  • Can be worn for a long time


Where to use Opsite Flexifix?

  • Used to retain dressings in place
  • Used to fix tubes
  • Used to hold catheters, stoma devices and leg bags
  • Used for treating shallow pressure sores, minor cuts, abrasions and burns


Where no to use Opsite Flexifix?

  • Should not be applied to heavily bleeding wounds


Precautions to be taken before using Opsite Flexifix

  • Gently clean and dry the wound
  • Make sure that the skin surrounding the wound is dry before applying the Opsite Flexifix
  • Place the dressing with light pressure over the wound
  • Patients with fragile skin need extra supervision as it is an adhesive dressing that might end up stripping the skin


Youll get an extensive range of different wound dressings and bandages for wound treatment at Wound Care. For more information visit Wound-Care.co.uk.

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