Mesorb Dressing Absorbent Dressing for Your Wounds

Mesorb Dressing is a kind of absorbent dressing that can absorb large amounts of wound exudates for a long period of time. This prevents wound contamination and infection from external sources while keeping the patient in comfort with its flexible application. The dressing promotes drying of the wound and helps in faster and better healing.

What is Mesorb Dressing?

The Mesorb Dressing is a highly absorbent dressing that can be applied to the wound which secretes a lot of exudates. This dressing absorbs the exudate for a long time also acting as a barrier between the wound and all the external contaminants that might infect the wound further. This dressing can be applied directly to the wound or as a secondary dressing on areas where high absorbency is needed. The back layer has folded edges to prevent any leaks from the side.

Benefits of Mesorb Dressing

  • Maintains exudate efficiently with its highly absorbent core
  • Low adherent wound contact layer
  • Keeps the outer layer dry
  • Prevents any leakages from the sides
  • Maintain patient comfort with a breathable backing

Where to use the Mesorb Dressing?

  • Use in on highly exuding wounds
  • Wounds that require a primary dressing
  • Wounds that require secondary dressing for exudate absorption

Where not to use Mesorb Dressing?

  • Should not be used by persons sensitive to dressings or components
  • Should not be used on areas that are bleeding
  • Not to be used on infected areas
  • Not to be used on untreated wounds

Precautions to be taken while using Mesorb Dressing?

  • Change the dressing at regular intervals depending upon the exudate being produced
  • Do not reuse this dressing

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