Mepitac Tape A Secure Fixation for Your Skin

Mepitac tape is a waterproof silicone tape that consists of a soft silicone layer which makes it highly conformable. It is applied to patients with fragile skin as it ensures secure application and gentle removal. This tape is mainly used for fixation of medical devices and dressings such as drains, tubes, probes, electrodes, etc.

What is Mepitac tape?

Mepitac tape soft silicone tape is a secure and gentle fixation tape that helps patients with fragile and sensitive skin. The Safetac adhesive makes sure that this tape can be changed without pain or damage. This tape is mainly used for fixation of medical devices such as drains, tubes, probes, electrodes and IV cannulae. The knitted fabric and polyurethane film makes it highly conformable and thus suitable for all kinds of dressings.

Benefits of Mepitac tape

  • Minimizes pain and skin damage during dressing change
  • Can be used over several days with easy repositioning design
  • Leaves no residue on removal from skin
  • Conforms well to body contours
  • Waterproof design

Where to use the Mepitac tape?

  • Ideal for allergies, sensitive and fragile skin and conditions like eczema
  • Suitable for repeated application and removal
  • For fixation of medical devices such as wound dressings and probe tubes
  • For neonates, wound, ostomy, and dialysis

Where not to use Mepitac tape?

  • Not to be used by people who have an allergy to silicone
  • Not to be used on dirty and moist areas
  • Not to be used in places that have ointment applied to them
  • Not to be used on wounds that are bleeding

Precautions to be taken while using Mepitac tape?

  • Not intended to support or fix life-supporting devices
  • Not for use on arterial catheters or cannulae


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