KerraMax Care Dressings- Heal Heavily Exuding Wounds

Absorbent dressings are designed to heal heavily exuding wounds and protect them from environmental bacteria. They absorb a large amount of exudate and seal them inside. They provide a good wound-healing environment and speed up the healing process. Wound care offers you an effective healing solution for heavily exuding wounds, KerraMax Care Dressings.

What is KerraMax Care Dressing?

Kerramax Care Dressing is a superabsorbent dressing that reduces the amount of MMPs and exudate. It shields the wound from bacteria and creates an excellent wound healing environment. This soft and comfortable dressing is ideal for use under a medium compression bandage. It comes with KerraMax Care Border Dressingsto keep it secured in place. The adhesive borders lock exudate inside the dressing and prevent leakage to keep them dry.

KerraMax Care Border Dressings KerraMax Care Border Dressings

Benefits of KerraMax Care Dressings

  • Absorb exudate and matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs)
  • Comfortable and soft on wounds
  • Can be used under compression bandages
  • Maintain a good healing environment to facilitate healing
  • Seal in exudate preventing requirement of dressing changes
  • Easy to put on and remove

Where to use Kerramax Care Dressings?

  • Kerramax Care Dressings are designed for heavily exuding wounds
  • Heal surgical incisions, lacerations, skin ulcers, and similar wounds and other conditions
  • These are also ideal to be used on abrasions and burns
Kerramax Care Dressings Kerramax Care Dressings

Where not to use Kerramax Care Dressings?

  • Should not be used on dry or light exuding wounds
  • These dressings are not supposed to be used in cavity wounds
  • They are not ideal for third-degree burns

Precautions to be taken before using Kerramax Care Dressings

  • Clean the wound properly to prevent infection
  • Do not cut the dressing

Wound Care has a variety of dressings and bandages for any wounds. Check out the official website- provide you with immediate and effective medical care.

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