Kaltostat Dressing- Instant Solution for moderate to highly exuding wounds

Kaltostat Dressing is a primary dressing for moderate to highly exuding chronic wounds. The dressing forms a firm, moist gel when comes in contact with the exudates and thus, the dressing is highly absorbent in nature.

What are Kaltostat Dressings?

Kaltostat Dressing are a definite solution for the management of moderate to highly exuding wounds, which can be both chronic and acute in nature. This alginate dressing forms a soft gel when it comes in contact with the wound exudates and so create a moist environment that improves the healing of the wound. This highly absorbent Kaltostat Dressing is Calcium Sodium Alginate dressing that is also suitable for wounds with minor bleeding.


    Benefits of Kaltostat Dressings

  • Moist wound interface facilitates better healing.
  • Highly absorbent dressing and so should be changed when strike-through of secondary dressing occurs.
  • Non-adherent to wound surface, allowing for easy, non-traumatic removal
  • Haemostatic in nature and so helps stop minor bleeding
  • Calcium sodium alginate dressing

Where to use Kaltostat Dressings?

  • The Kaltosat Dressing is ideal to be used on external wounds such as leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers and pressure ulcers.
  • The dressing is useful to apply on traumatic wounds, surgical wounds left to heal by secondary intent, donor sites.
  • Use the dressing on bleeding wounds like- lacerations, abrasions, nose bleeds, dental extractions.
  • Best to use in oncology wounds like fungating cutaneous tumors, cutaneous metastasis, and Kaposi's scaroma.

Where not to use Kaltostat Dressings?

  • The dressing should not be used on dry wounds
  • Avoid using Kaltostat Dessing on third degree wounds
  • Not intended to be used as a surgical swab
  • These dressings should not be used on patients with known allergies to Alginates.

Precautions to be taken before using Kaltostat Dressings

  • Clean the areas with an appropriate wound cleanser before applying Kaltostat Dressing.
  • Do not re-use Kaltosat Dressings as that can lead to a risk of cross-contamination and infection.
  • The dressing is not supposed to be used on infants under 12 years of age.

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