Hydrocoll Sacral Dressings-Solution to Wounds in Sacral Areas

Hydrocoll Sacral Dressings are gelatin free and feature a bevelled edge that provides secure adhesion to the skin. The dressing forms a soft gel when comes in contact with wound fluid. Wound-care provides to you Hydrocoll dressings at affordable prices. Catering to people suffering from wounds of various kinds, Wound-care strives to deliver what it promises. Get an array of wound dressings that are sure to provide you relief in case of severe painful wounds.

What are Hydrocoll Sacral Dressings?

The Hydrocoll Sacral Dressings have a unique shape and is apt for the treatment of decubital ulcers, especially in the sacral region. This self-adherent and absorbent wound dressing along with a semipermeable cover layer is impermeable to water and organisms. With a stimulating effect on epithelialization, this sterile wound dressing is clear and allows for wound inspection. The Hydrocoll Sacral dressing reduces the risk of allergic reaction and forms a gel when in contact with wound exudate. The dressing comes in a dimension of 12cm 18cm.

Benefits of Hydrocoll Sacral Dressings

  • The dressing has been designed or the sacral areas of the body
  • One-handed application on the sacral-coccyx area
  • Provides " non-tenting" border application in gluteal cleft area
  • "Notch" area is designed for application in close proximity to the anal opening. Provides a barrier to contamination by feces
  • Features outer film barrier that protects wounds from contaminants, body fluids, bacteria, and viruses
  • Helps in avoiding premature dressing failure
  • Lasts up to seven days of wear time
  • Absorbs and retains exudate, while maintaining an adequate moisture balance
  • Can be removed painlessly, without leaving residue

Where to use Hydrocoll Sacral Dressings?

  • Ideal for autolytic debridement
  • Protects granulating tissues
  • Use on partial- and full-thickness dermal ulcers
  • Can be used on superficial wounds and abrasions, and on superficial and partial-thickness burns
  • Used on Decubital ulcers in the sacral region

Where not to use Hydrocoll Sacral Dressings?

  • Not to be used on wounds with high exudate
  • Infected wounds should not be treated with Hydrocoll sacral dressing
  • Avoid using over bone or tendon
  • The Hydrocoll dressing should not be applied on full thickness burn

Precautions to be taken before using Hydrocoll Sacral Dressings

  • Clean the skin and wound thoroughly before applying
  • Let the skin dry before you apply the dressing
  • Discontinue using the dressing if infection occurs, signs of which may be fever, increased pain, redness, bleeding, swelling, or an unusual odor or discharge

Wound-care prioritizes your health and recovery and hence brings to you an extensive range of health care products. From a variety of dressings to an array of barrier creams, compression hosiery, bandages, surgical tapes, etc. Wound-care.co.uk provides you with the best.

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