How Medical ‘Honey’ Helps In Wound Healing

We are often unaware of the fact that ‘honey’, a sweet substance produced by honeybees can be used for wound healing purposes also. Being the concentrated form of plants, honey contains many chemicals and nutrients such as enzymes, vitamins, polyphenol, mineral, etc. In ancient times, honey was largely used for its ability to treat infections. In the present day scenario, medical professionals have rediscovered the numerous benefits of honey and use it for treatment of wounds. The bioactivities of Activon Tube help curing the wounds in the following ways:

It can quickly debride wound which means it cleanses the skin by removing dead tissues.

Honey kills the bacteria and deters their growth.

Honey is proven to directly suppress inflammation (redness, pain and swelling).

Honey stimulates the growth of various kinds of cells which helps in production of new tissues to repair the wound and the surrounding areas.

Activon Dressing

Highlighting the Most Effective Way of Using Honey for Wounds

Medical professionals use Activon Honey Dressing products extracted from Manuka honey found in New Zealand. Tubes intended for treating wounds like Activon tube contain 100% medical Manuka honey and can de-bride and de-slough wounds quite effectively. It eliminates odour and renders a moist healing environment. Activon dressing is quite useful for wound care because it debrides necrotic tissues, and also ideal for using in cavities.
Some people had a false notion that honey is a traditional remedy without scientific backing. However, this perception has slightly been changed and honey has quickly found relevance in mainstream. Wound Care offers natural and effective products that helps in yielding the desired outcomes. When buying Activon dressing and other wound care products, trust only a reputed dealer like, supplier of dressings sourced from bona fide MHRA licenced wholesalers in the UK.

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