Gelatin-Free Hydrocoll Dressings

Using dressings on wounds can be painful if you dont choose the right type of dressings. People using conventional dressing forms to heal their wounds have reported to experience dryness, irritation, and many other problems. Hydrocoll dressing is an effective dressing form that is used for injuries such as blisters, moderately exuding wounds, etc.

What is Hydrocoll Dressing?

Hydrocoll dressing is a self-adhering and gelatin free Hydrocolloid dressing with a semi-permeable polyurethane film which protects your wound from bacteria and water. Hydrocolloids accelerate the healing process of your wounds by providing moisture-retention and solid wafers that provide hydro active particles such as sodium carboxymethyl cellulose which eventually expands to form a self-adhesive gel.

Forms of Hydrocolloid Dressing are mentioned below.

Hydrocoll Dressings 5cm x 5cm (Pack Size 10)
Hydrocoll Dressings 7.5cm x 7.5cm (Pack Size 10)
Hydrocoll Concave Dressing 12cm x 8cm (Pack Size 10)
Hydrocoll Sacral Dressing 12cm x 18cm (Pack Size 5)
Hydrocoll Dressings 15cm x 15cm (Pack Size 5)
Hydrocoll Dressings 10cm x 10cm (Pack Size 10)

Benefits of Hydrocoll Dressing

Non-Permeable to Bacteria: Hydrocoll Dressing uses hydrocolloid dressing, which forms a gelatinous wafer around your wound, protecting it from bacteria and other foreign particles.

Easy-To-Apply: Hydrocoll dressing is quite easy to apply. It comes with easy instructions to use.

Minimum Hindrance to Healing: Hydrcoll dressing is semi-permeable, waterproof, and lasts for a longer duration. This makes sure that your wound is healed without external hindrance and thus maximum healing.

Where to use Hydrocoll Dressing?
You can use Hydrocoll Dressing for healing low to moderate exuding granular and necrotic wounds.

Where not to use Hydrocoll Dressing?
It is advised not to use Hydrocoll dressing on clinically infected wounds such as exposed tendon/bone, full-thickness burns.

Precautions To Take Before Use Hydrocoll Dressing
Hydrocoll dressing shouldnt be used on sore muscles and tendons. If you have any skin allergy, you should consult a specialist before using Hyrocoll dressing.

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