Duoderm-Wound Dressing for Light Wounds

What Is Duoderm?

Duoderm is a kind of hydrocolloid dressing which is applied on the light exuding wounds. It contains a hydrocolloid matrix which forms a gel when it comes in contact with exudate. It is very beneficial to treat ulcers. It also comes with a change indicator.

It is Available in Two Different Forms:

  • Duoderm Extra Thin Dressings
  • Duoderm Signal Dressings

Duoderm-Wound Dressing for Light Wounds


The benefits of using Duoderm are as follows:

  • Helps in mitigating the risks which arises due to the breaking down of the skin
  • Can be used as an efficient dressing for light exuding wounds
  • Strong waterproof barrier over the dressing
  • Used to treat light wounds such as skin tears, superficial wounds, lacerations and minor abrasions
  • It speeds up the process of wound healing since it helps in developing a moist environment around the wounded site
  • It does not allow the patient to feel traumatic about the wound
  • It is thin, flexible as well as versatile
  • Provides a barrier against bacteria and virus
  • Can remain at its place for several days

Where to Use Duoderm?

  • It can be used on minor wounds
  • Used as both primary as well as secondary dressing
  • Ideal to treat first and second stage of cancer


  • Hands should be properly washed to ensure that the bacteria does not spread
  • Dressing should be aligned with the centre of the wound
  • The centre part of the dressing should be primarily addressed
  • Sensitive to the components and dressing
  • Should be avoided if there has been an allergic reaction in the past
  • Cannot be used if any kind of anaerobic infection is present
  • Prefer to use this dressing under the direction of any healthcare professional

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