Duoderm Extra Thin Dressings

Duoderm Extra Thin dressings are Hydrocolloid dressings that are suitable for dry to lightly exuding wounds. The semipermeable polyurethane film of the dressing is impermeable to micro-organisms and exudate. The dressing is coated with a thin layer of adhesive like the Granuflex and is waterproof. These are designed to protect the skin from further breakdown due to friction. The Duoderm Extra Thin dressings harbour moist conditions under the dressing that promote epithelialisation without maceration.

Key Benefits of Duoderm Extra Thin Dressings:

  • Features a translucent backing that enhances dressing placement.
  • The dressing has a polyurethane film that protects from micro-organisms.
  • It can be taken out without damaging new tissues.
  • The dressings can be easily molded in curved areas due to their flexibility.
  • Being waterproof it doesnt need to be removed during bathing.
  • The dressings can be worn for an extended period and cut to fit.

How to Use Duoderm Extra Thin Dressings?

  • Take the required size of backing by removing its paper backing.
  • Lightly press the dressing for adjusting it over the wound.
  • Allow an overlap of 2 cm for ensuring it sticks to the skin firmly.


  • Used for managing superficial wounds.
  • It can be applied over dry or lightly exudating ulcers.
  • It is used in dressing post-operative wounds.
  • Used as a protective dressing for wounds.


  • It should not be used by people allergic or sensitive to the material of the dressing.
  • Always use these dressings under the direction of a qualified professional.

Sizes Available

  • 5 cm 7.5 cm
  • 0 cm 10.0 cm
  • 0 cm 15.0 cm
  • 0 cm 10.0 cm
  • 0 cm 15.0 cm
  • 0 cm x 25.0cm
  • 0 cm x 35.0 cm

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