Woundcare offers a one-stop online solution for all medical needs of a patient, whether it is various types of dressings, surgical tapes, or medical gels that are needed to treat any superficial wounds, abrasions, burns, etc.

What is Meant by Dressings?

Dressings make up as an integral part of the wound healing or treatment process. The purpose of a bandage is to keep the treating gel or ointment in place, hence are not in direct contact with the wound or injury. However, dressings are in direct contact with the wound or the necrotic tissue.

What is the function of Dressings?

  • By being in direct contact with the wound, some dressings are able to absorb the exudate from the wounds.
  • While some dressings release a gel that helps in healing the wound faster.
  • It prevents the wound from getting affected by any infections or bacteria.

What are Dressings meant to treat?

There are a number of wounds, cuts, or abrasions that one can get while doing things in their daily routine along with the risk of getting burnt or contracting a venous disease. In this case, dressings help heal cuts, abrasions, lacerations, burns, varicose veins, leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, etc. Different types of dressings are meant to treat different types of wounds. Some are meant for treating low to moderately exudating wounds while others are meant for absorbing high levels of exudate from the wound.

Types of Dressings available at Wound-care:

  • Acticoat, ActiFormCool, Actilite, Actisorb, Activon,
  • Adaptic Touch Dressings
  • Advadraw, Advazorb
  • Algosteril, Algisite, Algivon
  • Allevyn, Alleyn Gentle, Allevyn Ag
  • Alldress, Aquacel, Aquacel Foam, Aquaform Gel
  • Atrauman,
  • Bactigras, Biatain,
  • C-view, Carboflex,
  • Cica-care, Cilguard,
  • Comfeel Plus, Cosmopore,
  • Cutimed, Cutinova Hydro, Cutisorb Ultra
  • Debrisoft, Duoderm, Durafiber,
  • Granuflax, etc. among a great range of dressings

May this information about dressings help you in choosing the one that suits best for treating your injury or wound.