Whenever we hurt ourselves, there are different types of wounds that we get, some are treated by keeping the wound and the area surrounding it moist, while there are some which need to be kept dry. The ActiFormCool dressings help maintain an optimal healing environment by either donating or absorbing exudate depending on the moisture level in the wound

What is the ActiFormCool Hydrogel Sheet Dressing?

ActiFormCool is a hydrogel sheet with high water content, with a non-adhesive, sensitive preservative. The dressing is a two-faced, transparent hydrogel sheet formed around a polyethylene matrix base sheet. The smart formula hydrogel sheet is highly permeable to water vapor, gases and small protein molecules which maintains the moisture content in the wound. It is impermeable to bacteria and ensures protection against dust and infections.

The Benefits of ActiFormCool Dressings

  • The exemplary hydrogel sheet to put over painful wounds.
  • It absorbs and provides the fluid to maintain an optimal level of moisture on the wound
  • It can be used on a variety of infectious or painful wounds and skin conditions.
  • It can be used under compression on moderate to highly exuding wounds.
  • May be used with secondary dressings where appropriate.
  • It is suitable for use on leg ulcers, damage from radiation therapy, pressure necrosis and exposed tendons and burnt skin
  • It may be clubbed with secondary dressings wherever you feel the need.


The Precautions For Using ActiFormCool Dressings

The dressings should not be used as a covering on deep, narrow cavities or sinuses.
They shoud not be used on patients sensitive to any of the dressing components.

Where to Use ActiFormCool Dressings ?

Dress your wounds with the doctor trusted super absorbent dressings with the latest hydrogel technology, which is highly permeable to moisture and gases and impermeable to dust and bacteria to minimize the risk of infections.

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