Allevyn Sacral Adhesive Dressing An Effective Absorbant Dressing

What Is Allevyn Adhesive Dressing?

Allevyn adhesive dressing is structured in such a way that it is deemed anatomically fit for the sacral area. It helps in managing the pressure around the sacral area. It acts as an efficient barrier against exudate wounds and blocks the entry of the microorganisms.

Allevyn Sacral Adhesive Dressing
Benefits of Allevyn Adhesive Wound Dressing
The known benefits of Allevyn wound dressing are as follows:

  • It is a low allergy adhesive
  • Has micro-thin edges and the structure is tapered
  • Wound site is perforated
  • Highly absorbent in nature
  • Outer film layer is waterproof
  • Contains a foam layer which absorbs the extra fluid. Also, the layer helps inreducing the moisture through evaporation and protects it from drying out completely
  • Develops such an environment which helps in getting the wound heal properly
  • The dressing is soft and easy to wear
  • A coating of a low energy adhesive is present. It helps in minimizing the skin irritation

It is Present in the Following 2 Forms:

  • Allevyn Adhesive Sacrum Dressings 17cm x 17cm Pack Size 10
  • Allevyn Adhesive Sacrum Dressings 22cm x 22cm Pack Size 10

Where to Use Allevyn Adhesive Dressing?

  • Can be used in pressure sores
  • This wound dressing is effective in necrotic as well as sloughy wounds

Some of the points which must be taken care of while wearing this wound dressing are as follows:

  • Should be strictly avoided with oxidising agents
  • Inappropriate usage of this dressing or frequently changing it can result into irritation of the skin or a burning sensation can happen at the wounded site
  • People having fragile skin should take care while applying this dressing

This is all the required information pertaining to Allevyn adhesive dressing. For elaborative information, you should think of visiting the official website

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