All You Need to Know About Tegaderm Dressing

What is Tegaderm Dressing?

Tegaderm dressing is a see-through medical dressing used to apply over wounds and catheter sites to cover and protect them while making the site visible. One of the biggest advantages of tegaderm dressings is that it is breathable and sticks to the skin without restricting the movement of fingers and toes. It is an easy-to-apply bandage and can be applied by the patient himself.

Tegaderm Adhesive Foam Dressing Tegaderm Adhesive Foam Dressing

Where Do We Apply Tegaderm Dressing?

Tegaderm dressing is fit to apply over surgical wounds, minor burns, injuries, catheter sites, I/V lines, and central venous lines.

What are the Benefits of Tegaderm Dressing?

Tegaderm dressing is one of the most commonly-used dressings in the healthcare sphere and can be applied over a variety of sites. One of the biggest benefits of tegaderm dressing is that is waterproof and acts as a barrier for the skin keeping the wound dry and healthy. However, its waterproof barrier doesn't restrict oxygen to pass through the wound site for better wound healing and skin health.

Tegaderm + Pad Island dressing is also impermeable to bacteria and permeable to oxygen to let water vapors evaporate through the skin, keeping the wound site dry. It effectively seals dirt, water, and germs to prevent the wound site from getting infected.

Tegaderm Non-Adhesive Foam Dressings Tegaderm Non-Adhesive Foam Dressings

When to Change Tegaderm Dressing?

After applying tegaderm dressing after following all aseptic precautions, it usually stays in place till 4-7 days. Being of waterproof nature, the patient can shower or exercise too. You know you have to change tegaderm dressing if it gets soiled with blood, dirt, or anything else. If you notice any red spots surrounding the dressing site, remove or change it with a fresh one.

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