Algisite Dressings-For all Infected Wounds

The Algisite Dressings are ideal for infected wounds that is available in two formulae. The Algisite M dressings have Mannuronic acid, whereas Algisite Ag Dressings are impregnated with Silver. These Dressings can be used for both highly infected and for wounds that have chances of getting infected. These are available at Wound-Care, the most renowned name in health care services.

What are Algisite Dressings?

All wounds which have moderate to heavy exudate level, be it ulcers, post-operative wounds, venous ulcers, etc. can be cured easily on application of Algisite Dressings. These dressings are helpful in utilizing the proven benefits of moist wound management. The dressing form a soft gel, which does not adhere to the delicate healing tissues in the wound bed and hence can be easily lifted out of the wound in one piece, or washed out with saline. There are two types of Algisite Dressings available at Wound-Care. These are:

  • Algisite Ag Dressings - The Algisite Ag Dressings are calcium alginate dressings that have silver in them. Suitable for use in wounds with moderate to heavy level of exudate, the dressings are ideal to be used on pressure sores, post-operative wounds, partial thickness, arterial, venous, and diabetic leg ulcers. These are ideal for fungating lesions too.


  • Algisite M Dressings - The Algisite M Dressings have a gel form that absorbs on getting in contact with wound exudate. Consisting of Mannuronic acid, these dressings are extremely soft. When in contact with serum, wound exudate, or solutions containing sodium ions, the insoluble calcium alginate converts to the soluble sodium salt, and a gas permeable gel is instantly produced, which conforms to the contours of the wound, facilitating wound healing.

Benefits of Algisite Dressings

  • These dressings are easy to remove and prevent eschar formation, thereby promoting wound contraction.

  • The Dressings conforms to wound contours as these Algisite Dressings are very soft and conformable, easy to mold, fold, or cut to meet a wide range of wound shapes and sizes.

Most fiber based alginates release fibers when handled, however, this is reduced with the advanced bonding technique employed in ALGISITE M.

  • The Algisite Dressings produce a gel formation, thereby creating a moist wound environment at the surface of the wound. This promotes an optimal moist wound environment and prevents scarring.

  • Highly Absorbent the Algisite M Dressings remain in in the wound for up to 7 days. This also depends on the nature of the wound and the volume of the exudate.

Where not to use Algisite Dressings?

  • The Algisite Dressings are not suitable for use on dry wounds
  • Do not provide any benefit if applied on hard black necrotic tissues

Precautions to be taken before using Algisite Dressings

  • The Dressings should be avoided in case of known allergy to alginates
  • One should make sure that the packing in cavities, sinuses, etc. has been removed
  • The dressing adheres properly if used on lightly exuding wounds. However, the dressings can be moistened with saline for easy removal
  • The Algisite Dressings are not to be used on patients who are undergoing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) test.

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