Alginate Dressing-An Effective Healer

What Is Alginate Dressing?

Alginate Dressing is a kind of dressing which is derived from a variety of seaweeds. The composition mainly consists of alginate, calcium and sodium fibres. The dressings are in the form of flat dressings which promotes the healing process. They also promote the new growth of the skin during the wound healing process.

Cutimed Alginate Dressings

Benefits of Alginate Dressings

The important benefits of alginate dressings are as follows:

  • The dressing can be easily left unchanged for a maximum of 7 days unless an exudate capacity is reached
  • Protects the affected areas from bacterial infections
  • Maintains a moist environment which helps in quicker healing
  • Very easy to apply
  • These dressings mould themselves in the shape of the wound site
  • They can be easily applied in areas like heels and sacral parts

Where to Use Alginate Dressings?

Treats the pressure ulcers as well as diabetic foot ulcers
Postoperative as well as trauma wounds can easily be handled using this
Partial thickness burns and cavity wounds can be efficiently treated

It Is Available in the Following Forms:

  • Cutimed Alginate Dressings 2.5cm x 30cm Pack Size 5
  • Cutimed Alginate Dressings 5cm x 5cm Pack Size 10
  • Cutimed Alginate Dressings 10cm x 10cm Pack Size 10
  • Cutimed Alginate Dressings 10cm x 20cm Pack Size 10


The precautions which can be taken care of are enumerated below:

  • For such wounds which are bleeding heavily or those which are dry, Alginate dressings are not at all an appropriate treatment. It will be a wise option if you consider visiting a healthcare professional for the treatment
  • Extra care should be undertaken while dressing on tumours or wounds which have exposed blood vessels, there may be chances of heavy bleeding

This is all the required information about Alginate dressing. For more one should not hesitate to visit Wound-Care.

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