Actisorb Silver Dressings for Chronic Wounds

Actisorb Silver Dressingscomprise activated charcoal layer that contains silver which reduces infection and also cuts down on wound odour in patients. This particular dressing is mostly used for providing relief to patients with chronic wounds, especially for managing malodorous and infected wounds. Wound Care provides its patients with numerous wound dressing options. Visit the official site of Wound Care UK for more details about health and medication.

Actisorb Silver Dressings Actisorb Silver Dressings

What are Actisorb Silver Dressings?

Actisorb Silver Dressingsare designed to protect wounds from infection. The dressing absorbs toxins and wound degradation products along with volatile amines and fatty acids. The dressing is a sterile primary dressing that consists of charcoal layer and is impregnated with silver and hence, also prevents any false wound odour. Wound Care brings to you Actisorb Silver Dressings that are available in two sizes, these are Actisorb Silver 220 Dressing 6.5cm 9.5cm pack size 10 and Actisorb Silver 220 Dressing 10.5cm 10.5cm pack size 10.

Benefits of Actisorb Silver Dressings

  • Has good bacterial endotoxin binding for odour control
  • Provides better wound tolerance
  • The wound dressing provides good antimicrobial activity
  • Helps in curing chronic venous leg ulcers
  • Silver content reduced wound odour

Where to use Actisorb Silver Dressings?

  • These are effective when it comes to curing leg ulcers
  • Recommended for the management of malodorous and infected wounds
  • Helps in curing Fungating lesions, faecal fistulae, infected pressure sores and heavily exuding leg ulcers

Where not to use Actisorb Silver Dressings?

  • Should not be used on patients who are allergic to nylon

Precautions to be taken before using Actisorb Silver Dressings

  • Should be used with care as a primary dressing on wounds that have a tendency to dry out

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