Types of Bandages Supplies for All Kinds of Injuries and Wounds at Wound-Care

If you want to heal a nasty cut, any bruise, scrapes, smaller wound or more, then bandages always comes to rescue. With most of these bandage products being waterproof, they help to prevent the contamination caused by food or other fluids.
Bandages act like a secondary dressing securing the primary one in its place. Wound-Care brings different types of bandages available that includes compression, non-compression, tubular, gauze, woven, and many more that you can avail, depending upon the need, in different sizes. You can also seek some highly conformable bandages making it much easier to heal the wound even on those hard to dress body parts. Given below are some commonly used bandages.

Bandages Supplies

Actico Cohesive Bandage
An inelastic Compression Bandage Actico can be used in the effective treatment of leg ulcers, swollen ankles and legs. Simple in application, you can use it as an effective alternative to four layer bandaging in the management of chronic venous ulcers. You can avail this in different sizes.

Clinifast is an Elasticated Viscose stockinette that you can use for dressing retention, wet and dry wrapping. It is latex free and is available in different width sizes and lengths.

You can use Crepe bandages if suffering from any kind of muscle injuries or sprain.

Tubifast 2 Way stretch Lightweight elasticated tubular bandages come with radial and longitudinal stretch are simply perfect for the dressing retention and covering the skin of any body art. It is available in different sizes of widths and lengths.


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