Tubifast Tubular Bandage With 2 Way Stretch Technology For Dressing Retention & Skin Protection

What is Tubifast?

Tubifast is a lightweight elasticated tubular bandage with radial and longitudinal stretch which is ideal for dressing retention and skin covering for any part of the body. It is available in various width and length sizes. It holds the dressings securely without any need of pins and tapes. It can be easily used with minimal risks of fraying. This is available in variety of lengths which makes it competent enough to be used with any type of wound

Benefits of Tubifast

  • Quickness and ease of use reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • Less fray, and hence there is less risk of fibres in the wound
  • Made of Elastane, Viscose and Polyamide
  • Cost-effective since variety of lengths is available
  • Available in various color-coded sizes, to fit everything ranging from small limbs to adult trunks

Where to use Tubifast?

  • Used in patch wrapping and an under-construction stockinette
  • It is used for holding dressing securely without any constriction or compression
  • Fits snuggly over the limbs and holds them at its designated position
  • Since it is tubular in its setting, it holds the dressings in difficult areas too


  • While applying tubifast, one should take care that re-use increases the chances of infection
  • Only recommended when the individual is not sensitive
  • One should avoid using it when one has undergone MRI scan or has surgical history

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