Hypafix Tape-Highly functional Radio Transparent Tape

The Hypafix Tape features a non-woven polyester backing and is self-adhesive in nature. Providing complete coverage of the wound dressing, the tape helps in reducing risk of contamination. The tape is permeable to both air and moisture. Providing greater freedom of movement, the tape can be easily cut to any desired shape. WoundCare brings to you a high quality Hypafix tape that is ideal for secure and rapid fixation.

What is Hypafix Tape?

Made from white polyester material along with a hypoallergenic adhesive coating, Hypafix tape reduces the risk of maceration as it promotes air flow. Conforming well onto the body contours, the tape is radio transparent and does not have to be removed in case of radiotherapy or X-ray examination. Not leaving any adhesive residue the tape is a versatile medical tape that holds dressings, catheters, and trach tubes securely in place.

Benefits of Hypafix Tape

  • Reduces risk of contamination and maceration
  • Provides fixation for catheters and drainage tubes
  • Combines security with comfort and is highly conformable
  • Allows joints to be dressed without constraining movement
  • The Hypafix Tape is skin friendly and is available in a range of sizes

Where to Use Hypafix Tape?

  • The Hypafix tape can be used in retention of post-operative wound dressings
  • The tape also helps in retaining gauze and absorbent pads
  • Easily secures catheters and drainage tubes
  • Can be used on patients who have exhibited an adverse reaction to adhesives containing rubber, or resin

Where Not to Use Hypafix Tape?

  • The Hypafix tape should not be applied to patients who are known to be sensitive to acrylic adhesives
  • Patients with fragile or sensitive skin too should avoid using this tape
  • Hypafix tape is not to be applied under tension in order to prevent shearing forces causing damage to the skin

Precautions to be taken before using Hypafix Tape

  • One needs to ensure that the fixation edge is adequate while cutting Hypafix tape. A distance of 2 cm from the edge of the wound is desirable

Hypafix Tape is available at the official website of WoundCare that deals with an extensive range of health care goods. Be it surgical dressings, tapes or compression hosiery, Woundcare is a well renowned online retailer that is home to endless goods that are readily available at your doorstep.

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