1. Hydrocoll Sacral Dressings-Solution to Wounds in Sacral Areas

    Hydrocoll Sacral Dressings are gelatin free and feature a bevelled edge that provides secure adhesion to the skin. The dressing forms a soft gel when comes in contact with wound fluid. Wound-care provides to you Hydrocoll dressings at affordable prices. Catering to people suffering from wounds of various kinds, Wound-care strives to deliver what it promises. Get an array of wound dressings that are sure to provide you relief in case of severe painful wounds.

    What are Hydrocoll Sacral Dressings?

    The Hydrocoll Sacral Dressings have a unique shape and is apt for the treatment of decubital ulcers, especially in the sacral region. This self-adherent and absorbent wound dressing along with a semipermeable cover layer is impermeable to water and organisms. With a stimulating effect on epithelialization, this sterile wound dressing is clear and allows for wound inspection. The Hydrocoll Sacral dressing reduces the risk of allergic reaction and forms a gel when in contact with wound exudate. The dressing comes in a dimension of 12cm 18cm.

    Benefits of Hydrocoll Sacral Dressings

    • The dressing has been designed or the sacral areas of the body
    • One-handed application on the sacral-coccyx area
    • Provides " non-tenting" border application in gluteal cleft area
    • "Notch" area is designed for application in close proximity to the anal opening. Provides a barrier to contamination by feces
    • Features outer film barrier that protects wounds from contaminants, body fluids, bacteria, and viruses
    • Helps in avoiding premature dressing failure
    • Lasts up to seven days of wear time
    • Absorbs and retains exudate, while maintaining an adequate moisture balance
    • Can be removed painlessly, without leaving residue

    Where to use Hydrocoll Sacral Dressings?

    • Ideal for autolytic debridement
    • Protects granulating tissues
    • Use on partial- and full-thickness dermal ulcers
    • Can be used on superficial wounds and abrasions, and on superficial and partial-thickness burns
    • Used on Decubital ulcers in the sacral region

    Where not to use Hydrocoll Sacral Dressings?

    • Not to be used on wounds with high exudate
    • Infected wounds should not be treated with Hydrocoll sacral dressing
    • Avoid using over bone or tendon
    • The Hydrocoll dressing should not be applied on full thickness burn

    Precautions to be taken before using Hydrocoll Sacral Dressings

    • Clean the skin and wound thoroughly before applying
    • Let the skin dry before you apply the dressing
    • Discontinue using the dressing if infection occurs, signs of which may be fever, increased pain, redness, bleeding, swelling, or an unusual odor or discharge

    Wound-care prioritizes your health and recovery and hence brings to you an extensive range of health care products. From a variety of dressings to an array of barrier creams, compression hosiery, bandages, surgical tapes, etc. Wound-care.co.uk provides you with the best.

  2. Honey Dressings and Ointments-Effective Healing Solution to Wounds

    When nothing heals the deep and traumatic wounds, honey comes to rescue. The osmolarity of honey draws fluid out of the wound bed to create an outflow of lymph. Using honey dressings can be highly beneficial. This biologic wound dressing with multiple bioactivities expedite the healing process. Wound-care brings to you an extensive range of honey dressings and creams.

    What are Honey Dressings and MediHoney Antibacterial Medical Honey?

    There is an extensive range of honey dressings and ointments that are available at Wound-care. Having a broad-spectrum of antibacterial activity, honey stimulates the immune response. The MediHoney Antibacterial Medical Honey is ideal for use in tubes or as a Tulle dressing. Containing Manuka honey, the tulle dressing is non-adherent and is ideal for deep cavity mild to moderately exuding wounds. Several other honey dressings available at wound-care are:

    A)Actilite Dressings:Actilite is coated with 99% Manuka Honey and 1% Manuka Oil. Actilite offers antibacterial protection and is best suited for granulating or epithelialising wounds

    B)Activon Tulle:Activon Tulle has 100% medical grade Manuka Honey. This is suitable for shallow wounds, burns, pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, infected wounds, and cavity wounds

    C)Algivon Dressings:Algivon is an Alginate Dressing impregnated with 100% Manuka Honey. Algivon is suitable for low to moderately exuding wounds, infected wounds, surgical wounds, leg, pressure, and diabetic ulcers

    D)MediHoney Gel Sheet Dressings:MediHoney Gel Sheet contains 20% Sodium Alginate and 80% Medihoney. It is suitable for use on mild to moderately exuding wounds, pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, infected and malodorous wounds

    E)L-Mesitran Dressings:The L-Mesitran Border Dressings contains medical grade honey, with adhesive film border.

    F)MediHoney Apinate Dressings:MediHoney Apinate contains calcium alginate and Medihoney Antibacterial Honey

    Benefits of Honey Dressings

    1. Honey dressings withstand dilution with substantial amounts of wound exudate and maintains enough activity to inhibit the growth of bacteria
    2. Honey also stimulates immune response and hence promotes growth of tissues for wound repair
    3. Rapid autolytic debridement too is achieved with honey and it also helps in suppressing inflammation
    4. Honey dressings have multiple bioactive components that can expedite the healing process
    5. High osmolarity of honey creates an outflow of lymph

    Where to Use Honey Dressings?

    1. Use on surgical wounds, burns, leg and foot ulcers
    2. Superficial wounds, deep wounds, sinuses, wounds with necrosis and slough, infected wounds, surgical wounds

    Precautions to be taken before using Honey Dressings

    1. Honey should always be sterilized. The method of gamma-irradiation should be adopted instead of heating
    2. Take a notice of items that do not contain methylglyoxal

    Wound-care provides you varied options when it comes to honey dressings. Get the best honey dressings that are highly effective and gives you comfort and relief from severe and painful wounds. Being a leading online retailer, Wound-care management offers you with the best health care services.

  3. Tubifast Bandage-For Skin Covering and Dressing Retention

    The Tubifast Bandage is light in weight and tubular in construction. The bandage is quite high-tech and does not fray on use. The dressings stay in place with the help of this bandage that holds and secures the dressings without constriction or compression. With an elasticated rayon fabric construction, the Tubifast bandages are ideal for skin covering and dressing retention. Wound-Care brings to you an array of Tubifast Bandages in different shapes and sizes.

    What is Tubifast Bandage?

    The Tubifast Bandages have an ability to hold all the dressings safely in place, without requiring tapes, pins, or tie to do the same. Ideal for dressing fixation and skin coverage, the tubular dressings can be used for patch wrapping and as under-cast stockinette. Different types of Tubifast Bandages available at Wound-Care are:

    1) Tubifast Bandage Red 3.5cm x 1m Pack Size 1-This Tubifast Bandage is red in colour and is available in Red 3.5cm x 1m Pack Size 1.
    2) Tubifast Bandage Green 5cm x 1m Pack Size 1-This is green in colour with dimension 5cm x 1m.
    3) Tubifast Bandage Green 5cm x 3m Pack Size 1-A green colour 5cm x 3m bandage, this is helpful in reducing pain and swelling.
    4) Tubifast Bandage Green 5cm x 5m Pack Size 1-5cm x 5m in dimension, this green tubifast bandage holds the dressings without any constriction.
    5) Tubifast Bandage Blue 7.5cm x 1m Pack Size 1-This blue bandage provides relief from minor soft tissue injuries and is 7.5cm x 1m.
    6) Tubifast Bandage Blue 7.5cm x 3m Pack Size 1-The Tubifast Bandage Blue 7.5cm x 3m provide constant support to the area it is applied.
    7) Tubifast Bandage Blue 7.5cm x 5m Pack Size 1-This blue bandage is quite breathable and is 7.5cm x 5m in dimension.
    8) Tubifast Bandage Yellow 10.75 x 1m Pack Size 1-This 10.75 x 1m can provide relief from joint instability.
    9) Tubifast Bandage Yellow 10.75 x 3m Pack Size 1-This yellow tubifast bandage is 10.75 x 3m in dimension.
    10) Tubifast Bandage Yellow 10.75 x 5m Pack Size 1-Yellow in colour this 10.75 x 5m bandage provides exceptional coverage to the dressing on your wound.
    11) Tubifast Bandage Purple 20cm x 1m Pack Size 1-The Tubifast Bandage Purple is 20cm x 1m in dimension and offers great benefits.
    12) Tubifast Bandage Purple 20cm x 5m Pack Size 1-Available in purple colour, this 20cm x 5m bandage is made of elasticated viscose.
    13) Tubifast Bandages-This is elasticated with radial and longitudinal stretch. The bandage is available in various widths and sizes.

    Benefits of Tubifast Bandage

    A)The Dressings are easy to use in both wet or dry wrapping and dressing fixation
    B)Tubifast Bandages holds dressings securely, without constriction or compression
    c)The bandages give freedom of movement, aiding concordance and are comfortable to wear under nightwear as well as ordinary clothes
    D)The bandage damps the layer to keep the skin hydrated and moist and help reduce inflammation
    E)It has less fray so there is less risk of fibers in the wound and also help to prevent skin irritation

    Where not to use Tubifast Bandage?

    The bandages do not provide any cure to prevent injury or subluxations/dislocations

    Precautions to be taken before using Tubifast Bandage

    Wringing out the Tubifast Bandages before applying them to the skin is very essential
    Check out Wound-care.co.uk and get an opportunity to heal all wounds and abrasions in no time. A renowned name in health care management, Wound-Care is sure to deliver you with the best. With an extensive range of Tubifast Bandages available, we strive to provide you with the best facilities.

  4. Algisite Dressings-For all Infected Wounds

    The Algisite Dressings are ideal for infected wounds that is available in two formulae. The Algisite M dressings have Mannuronic acid, whereas Algisite Ag Dressings are impregnated with Silver. These Dressings can be used for both highly infected and for wounds that have chances of getting infected. These are available at Wound-Care, the most renowned name in health care services.

    What are Algisite Dressings?

    All wounds which have moderate to heavy exudate level, be it ulcers, post-operative wounds, venous ulcers, etc. can be cured easily on application of Algisite Dressings. These dressings are helpful in utilizing the proven benefits of moist wound management. The dressing form a soft gel, which does not adhere to the delicate healing tissues in the wound bed and hence can be easily lifted out of the wound in one piece, or washed out with saline. There are two types of Algisite Dressings available at Wound-Care. These are:

    • Algisite Ag Dressings - The Algisite Ag Dressings are calcium alginate dressings that have silver in them. Suitable for use in wounds with moderate to heavy level of exudate, the dressings are ideal to be used on pressure sores, post-operative wounds, partial thickness, arterial, venous, and diabetic leg ulcers. These are ideal for fungating lesions too.


    • Algisite M Dressings - The Algisite M Dressings have a gel form that absorbs on getting in contact with wound exudate. Consisting of Mannuronic acid, these dressings are extremely soft. When in contact with serum, wound exudate, or solutions containing sodium ions, the insoluble calcium alginate converts to the soluble sodium salt, and a gas permeable gel is instantly produced, which conforms to the contours of the wound, facilitating wound healing.

    Benefits of Algisite Dressings

    • These dressings are easy to remove and prevent eschar formation, thereby promoting wound contraction.

    • The Dressings conforms to wound contours as these Algisite Dressings are very soft and conformable, easy to mold, fold, or cut to meet a wide range of wound shapes and sizes.

    Most fiber based alginates release fibers when handled, however, this is reduced with the advanced bonding technique employed in ALGISITE M.

    • The Algisite Dressings produce a gel formation, thereby creating a moist wound environment at the surface of the wound. This promotes an optimal moist wound environment and prevents scarring.

    • Highly Absorbent the Algisite M Dressings remain in in the wound for up to 7 days. This also depends on the nature of the wound and the volume of the exudate.

    Where not to use Algisite Dressings?

    • The Algisite Dressings are not suitable for use on dry wounds
    • Do not provide any benefit if applied on hard black necrotic tissues

    Precautions to be taken before using Algisite Dressings

    • The Dressings should be avoided in case of known allergy to alginates
    • One should make sure that the packing in cavities, sinuses, etc. has been removed
    • The dressing adheres properly if used on lightly exuding wounds. However, the dressings can be moistened with saline for easy removal
    • The Algisite Dressings are not to be used on patients who are undergoing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) test.

    Wound-Care brings to you the best healthcare management with a variety of brands at your doorstep. Browse the official website and get yourself the best of dressings, compression hosieries, bandages, surgical tapes etc.

  5. Compression Hoisery

    Wound-care presents to you an array of effective compression hoiseries in different sizes and colors. Useful for treating varicose veins in the legs, these simple pair of compression socks reduce recurrence of Thrombosis and treat the discomfort of Varicose Veins.

    Compression Hoisery,Activa Class 2 Below Knee Stockings

    What are Compression Hoiseries?

    People suffering from deep vein thrombosis find wearing compression hoiseries quite effective. Wound-care has a stock of comprehensive compression hosiery socks available in various support levels providing compression ranging from 10mmHg to 35mmHg. These are:

    1) Activa Class 1 Below Knee Stockings-These provide compression at 14-17mmHg at the ankle. Treats superficial and early varicose veins even during pregnancy.

    2) Activa Class 1 Below Knee Open Toe Stockings-These also provide compression of 14-17mmHg at the ankle but have an open toe style.

    3) Activa Class 1 Thigh Length Stockings-These provide compression of 14-17mmHg at the ankle and are of thigh length.

    4) Activa Class 1 Unisex Support Socks-These are stylish range of compression hosiery providing compression of 14-17mmHg at the ankle. They preventing deep vein thrombosis along with treating varicose veins.

    5) Activa Class 1 Unisex Patterned Support Socks-These stylish stockings provide compression of 14-17mmHg at the ankle and are suitable for the treatment of superficial and early varicose veins, and preventing deep vein thrombosis.

    6)Activa Class 2 Below Knee Stockings-These Medium Support Hosiery provides compression of 18-24mmHg at the ankle. Treats medium severity varicose veins, prevents leg ulcers, mild oedema and varicosis during pregnancy.

    7) Activa Class 2 Below Knee Open Toe Stockings-Medium Support Hosiery provides compression of 18-24mmHg at the ankle with open toe having similar uses as Activa Class 2 Below Knee Stockings.

    8) Activa Class 2 Thigh Length Stockings-Medium Support Hosiery thigh length compression stocking provides compression of 18-24mmHg at the ankle.

    9) Activa Class 2 Thigh Length Open Toe Stockings-These provides compression of 18-24mmHg at the ankle and are of thigh length with open toe style.

    10) Activa Class 2 Unisex Support Socks-These are a stylish range of compression hosiery providing compression of 18-24mmHg at the ankle. They are suitable for the treatment of painful varicose veins and the prevention of leg ulcer occurrance.

    11) Activa Class 2 Unisex Patterned Support Socks-These are a stylish range of compression hosiery providing compression of 18-24mmHg at the ankle with pattern.

    12)Activa Class 3 Below Knee Open Toe-These Strong Support Hosiery provides compression of 25-35mmHg at the ankle. It is suitable for the treatment of severe varicose veins and prevention of leg ulcers.

    13) Activa Class 3 Thigh Length Open Toe-These Strong Support Hosiery provides compression of 25-35mmHg at the ankle.

    14) Activa Hoisery Liners-These liners provide 10mmHg light compression for maintenance therapy and palliative care. Wearing one 10mmHg liner on top of another is equivalent to 20mmHg. Available in white, sand, and black colors, this can be worn under high compression stockings.

    Benefits of Compression Hoisery

    A:- Improve venous blood flow as prevents the venous blood from pooling in the legs

    B:- Put pressure on ankles and legs, thereby compressing the surface arteries and veins. Reduces the risk of getting blood clots in the legs

    C:- Reduces leg swellings, leg fatigue, achiness

    D:- Improves the flow of blood and lymph flow

    Where to use Compression Hoisery?

    1) These elastic compression hosiery is useful for people who suffer from chronic venous insufficiency. It also treats the discomfort of Varicose veins

    2) People having leg ulcers should use these compression socks as these improve circulation of legs, thereby preventing recurrence of Thrombosis.

    3)Can be used by athletes, by people with prolonged bed rest (in case of surgery), pregnancy and family history of DVT

    Where not to use Compression Hoisery?

    4)One should avoid compression stockings if suffering from peripheral neuropathy or from any condition that impacts skin sensation.

    5)People with a history of peripheral arterial bypass grafting, massive leg swelling, dermatitis, pulmonary edema etc. should avoid usage of compression hoisery

    Precautions to be taken before using Compression Hoisery?

    A:- Do not let the stockings bunch up or wrinkle.

    B:- Wash the stockings every day with mild soap and water.

    C:- Replace your stockings every 3 to 6 months so that they maintain their support.

    D:- Clarify the strength of compression and the length ordered before using the compression hoiseries

    Choose from a wide range of compression socks and heal your wounds in less time. Wound-care provides you with the best of healthcare services, with an array of brands at one stop. Explore more by checking out our official website- woundcare.co.uk.

  6. Wound-care-Providing you the best Healthcare Services


    Being a well-known name in the healthcare management world, we at Wound-care strive to provide you with a service level that is second to none. A leading online retailer for an array of medical dressings, bandages, surgical tapes, compression hosiery, etc. we stock the most comprehensive range of wound-care products. Browse our official website and check out the medical care products for your requirement.

    Few of them have been listed below:

    • Dressings

    At wound-care you can select from an extensive range of dressings. Right from hydrocolloid dressings to honey dressings, charcoal dressings, polyurethane foam, dressings and many more, we have all available at one place.

    Dressings are essential in healing various kinds of wounds. Be it infected wounds, non-infected wounds, highly exuding wounds, burns, abrasions, cuts, etc., we at wound-care ensure speedy recovery of all your major and minor wounds.
    It is crucial to look for a suitable dressing as the comprehensive range of dressings we stock, performs different functions depending on the type of wound it is applied to. The Mepitel Dressings are ideal for diabetic, arterial ulcers, etc. Similarly, Kaltostat Dressings are apt for both acute and chronic wounds.

    • Bandages

    Bandages makes life easier for one and all. It helps in supporting dressings or splints. This mandatory item in every first aid kit is available extensively at wound-care. Be it the Actico bandage or the basic Clinifast, Clinilite, or Easifix bandages , can help in providing relief from minor sprains, injuries etc. We also stock a range of Multi-layer compression bandages and Kits such as Profore and UrgoKtwo and tubular bandages such as Tubigrip and Tubifast
    Check out an eclectic range of bandages at wound-care.

    • Surgical Tapes

    When it comes to providing pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, surgical tapes come to the fore. Offering a comfortable grip to your wounds covered with bandages, these tapes make sure your skin does not suffer any maceration. You can use them to fix swabs, dressings, catheters, tube etc.

    Wound-care introduces a wide range of skin friendly surgical tapes. We have Mepitac, Mefix, Micropore, Omnifix, Scanpore to name a few. Most of them are easy to remove and provide utmost support to your dressings etc.

    • Compression Hoisery

    We need hosiery to reduce risks of ulcers, prevent the recurrence of thrombosis, and mostly to regularize the circulation of blood in the legs. These can come in a range of 10mmHg to 35mmHg.

    At wound-care we have compression hosiery in various sizes and colors as per your comfort. If Activa Class 1 Below Knee Stockings provide treatment of superficial and earlier varicose veins and varicosis during pregnancy, then Activa Class 2 Thigh Length Open Toe Stockings prevents you from leg ulcers, mild oedema and varicosis during pregnancy. We have for you the best-selling products at wound-care. Check our site for more details.

    When you have the best around why look for alternatives? With best reviews from our regular clients, we are here to guide you on every step. Connect with us at wound-care.co.uk and procure all your wound-care requirements at one stop. Delivering globally, with the majority of order being dispatched within 1-2 working days , we accept Pounds, Euros, and Dollars too.We supply clinics and hospitals Worldwide - contact us for wholesale and export pricing. Choose Wound-care for choice and service !

  7. Tegaderm Dressings-One Dressing with Multiple Uses

    The Tegaderm Dressings are transparent in nature and are well known for their breathing quality and comfort on the skin. Sealing out all the water, dirt, and germs from seeping in, the dressings help to prevent infection. Available in a wide range at Wound-Care, these dressings deliver quality and performance.

    What are Tegaderm Dressings?

    Consisting of a thin polyurethane membrane coat with a layer of an acrylic adhesive, these Tegaderm Dressings are though permeable to water vapor and oxygen, they do not let any kind of micro-organism to permeate once the dressings are in position. Providing effective barrier to external contamination, these dressings are ideal for post-operative dressings, abrasions, etc. The dressings prevent reddening of fragile and sensitive skin. There are numerous types of Tegaderm Dressings available at Wound-Care. These are:

    A)Tegaderm Adhesive Foam Dressing-The Tegaderm Adhesive Foam Dressings are waterproof with semi-permeable backing layer along with adhesive border.

    B)Tegaderm Non-Adhesive Foam Dressings-Theses dressings with an absorbent polyurethane foam with a semi-permeable film backing layer is suitable for use under compression.

    C)Tegaderm + Pad-These are waterproof dressings with an absorbent pad.

    D)Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Dressings-Highly absorbent and conformable these give additional protection against leakage.

    F)Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Thin Dressings-These thin dressings covers the hydrocolloid and protects against leakage.

    G)Tegaderm Alginate Dressings- The dressings are made of 100% calcium alginate and forms a gel when it absorbs the exudate. The dressings can be removed in one piece.

    F)Tegaderm Alginate Ag Dressings-Antibacterial wound dressings composed of calcium alginate, carboxymethylcellulose and an ionic silver complex.

    H)Tegaderm Absorbant Clear Acrylic Dressings- Consisting of patented acrylic pad, these transparent dressings allow wound monitoring without the need to remove the dressing.

    I)Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressings-Suitable for highly exuding wounds, these consist of a slim line pad that contains absorbent powder.

    j)Tegaderm Film Dressings- These are Waterproof, transparent semi-permeable film dressing with a unique frame delivery system that avoids wastage of the dressing.

    K)Tegaderm Contact Dressings-The exudates flow through the pores and can be easily absorbed into a secondary dressing.

    L)Tegaderm Matrix Dressings-Consisting low pH ointment that has potassium citrate, rubidium chloride, calcium chloride and zinc chloride that provide a moist wound environment, these dressings are used on chronic non-infected wounds.

    M)Tegaderm Diamond Dressings-These dressings are waterproof and consist of a thin film backing with a non-latex, hypoallergenic adhesive.

    N)Tegaderm IV Dressings- This is a Transparent Film Therapy Dressing that provides patients and doctors an instant solution to their transparent dressing needs.

    Benefits of Tegaderm Dressings

    1)Conformable to the skin that leads to greater patient comfort
    2)Provides a waterproof sterile barrier that includes bacteria, virus, and liquids.
    3)Made of hypoallergenic latex-free adhesive, making it gentle to the skin, yet holding catheters and other devices in place.
    4)Permeable to oxygen these are breathable.
    5)Creating moist environment, these can stay from 4-7 days without any change.

    Where Not to Use Tegaderm Dressings?

    A)The dressing should not be used to retain indwelling arterial catheters.
    B)Do not use the dressing as a replacement for sutures and other primary wound closure methods

    Precautions to be taken before using Tegaderm Dressings

    1)The area where the dressings are to be applied, should first be cleansed with alcohol or saline and carefully dried, ensuring that all traces of creams or detergents have been removed
    2)Tegaderm should not be left in position for longer than seven days
    3)The dressing should be allowed a minimum overlap of 4-5 cm from the margin of the wound onto the surrounding dry skin to ensure good adhesion
    4)Do not stretch the dressing during application as tension can cause skin trauma

    Explore Tegaderm Dressings on the official website of Wound-Care in order to cure and treat all kinds of wounds effectively. Wound-care.uk.com being a leading online retailer has the best to offer you when it comes to health care.

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