1. Treat Lymphovenous Disease with Actico Cohesive Bandage

    Patients who have long suffered from venous leg ulcers can finally find relief with Actico Cohesive Bandage. As these are highly cohesive, the bandages stay in place for at least 7 days.These short-stretch bandages provide appropriate padding layer which works as a compression system. Wound Care gives you the option of exploring an extensive range of Bandages for your wounds.

    [caption id="attachment_388" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Actico Cohesive Bandage Actico Cohesive Bandage[/caption]

    What is an Actico Cohesive Bandage?

    This inelastic Compression Bandage is ideal for treating your leg ulcers, swollen ankles, and legs, etc. Easy to apply, these are a great alternate for avoiding a four-layer bandaging. These are available in various sizes only at the official website of Wound Care.

    Benefits of Actico Cohesive Bandage

    • Controls and reduces chronic oedema and lymphoedema in the lower limbs and arms
    • Does not slip between treatments
    • It is lighter and less bulky than other bandages
    • Improves the condition of skin and tissues
    • Reduce limb volume and restore a normal limb shape

    Where to useActico Cohesive Bandage?

    • Compression bandaging of limbs with venous disorders
    • Suitable for patients with and without oedema
    • Can be applied in full stretch onto the limb

    Where not to use Actico Cohesive Bandage?

    • Do not apply if there are signs of pain, reduced colour, and numbness in any patient. In such cases, avoid the usage of Actico Bandage
    • Not suitable for ankle circumference of less than 18cm, unless padding is used to increase the ankle circumference

    Precautions to be taken before using Actico Cohesive Bandage

    • Patients with an ABPI of <0.8 should avoid its usage
    • Patients with diabetes and advanced vessel disease should use it under strict supervision
    • Actico Cohesive Bandages should not be re-used

    Purchase Actico Cohesive Bandageat an affordable price from our official website- wound-care.co.uk. Wound Care is an online retailer of numerous medical dressings, bandages, etc., that facilitates better healthcare management.

  2. Opsite Flexifix- Ideal Silicone Tapes for Patients with Fragile Skin

    Opsite Flexifix are transparent surgical tapes which comprises of acrylic adhesive which reduces the chances of skin damage. The tapes conform to the body and makes for easy application. These are available on the official website of Wound Care- wound-care.co.uk.

    [caption id="attachment_385" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Opsite Flexigrid Dressings Opsite Flexigrid Dressings[/caption]

    What are Opsite Flexifix?

    This transparent roll with adhesive polyurethane film prevents moisture build-up, allowing the skin to breathe. The surgical tape provides safety against external fluid and bacteria. Wound Care brings to you 2 types of Opsite Flexifix tapes-Opsite Flexifix and Opsite Flexifix Gentle.

    • Opsite Flexifix- This surgical tape is a waterproof film and has a high moisture vapour permeability. This prevents unnecessary accumulation of fluid that can lead to bacterial formation.


    • Opsite Flexifix Gentle- This particular surgical tape is easy to remove and apply. Compromising of silicone gel, this transparent tape is bacteria proof and enables the dressing to be lifted and repositioned without losing adherent properties

    Benefits of Opsite Flexifix

    • Retention of Dressings becomes easy
    • Highly suitable for patients with fragile skin as it contains silicone gel
    • Protects against external fluid and bacteria as it is waterproof
    • Treatment of painful peripheral neuropathy
    • Reduction of shearing forces on unbroken skin, e.g. in Pressure Sore Prophylaxis


    Where to use Opsite Flexifix?

    • Helps in easy fixation of tubing
    • The attachment of Stoma Devices and Leg Bags becomes easy with this Opsite Flexifix tapes

    Where not to use Opsite Flexifix?

    • Do not use on open wounds

    Precautions to be taken before using Opsite Flexifix

    • The dressing should be changed daily
    • Care should be taken to avoid skin damage by repeated applications on patients with thin or fragile skin
    • Immuno-compromised patients and diabetic patients may require extra supervision


    Get your hands on Opsite Flexifixalong with many other surgical tapes, bandages, wound dressings etc., that are available in plenty at wound-care.co.uk. Managing wounds becomes easy when you have access to a large selection of healthcare inventory by Wound Care.

  3. Duoderm Signal Dressings- A Latex-Free Solution for your Wounds

    Duoderm Signal Dressing is an absolute solution for patients suffering from pressure ulcers. The dressing not only is latex-free and adhesive but also features taper edges Hydrocolloid with change indicator. Explore a wide range of Wound Care dressings that assure you effective and quick benefits.

    [caption id="attachment_382" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Duoderm Signal Dressings Duoderm Signal Dressings[/caption]

    What areDuoderm Signal Dressings?

    The Duoderm Signal Dressing is ideal for low-to-moderately exuding wounds. Not only is it used as a primary dressing but is suitable for secondary dressing. These dressings help manage pressure ulcers of different stages. These are available in various sizes-Duoderm Signal Dressings 10cm x 10cm Pack Size 5, Duoderm Signal Dressings 11cm x 19cm Oval Pack Size 5, Duoderm Signal Dressings 14cm x 14cm Pack Size 5, Duoderm Signal Dressings 18.5cm x 19.5cm Heel Pack Size 5, Duoderm Signal Dressings 20cm x 20cm Pack Size 5, Duoderm Signal Dressings 20cm x 22.5cm Sacral Pack Size 5.

    Benefits of Duoderm Signal Dressings

    • With a visual indicator which indicates when a dressing needs changing, the dressing reduces premature dressing changes
    • A thin, smooth, low-friction backing reduces shearing that can prematurely dislodge the dressing
    • Provides a waterproof barrier over the dressing
    • Easy to apply and can be removed without damaging newly formed tissue
    • Translucent backing enhances dressing placement and initial monitoring of the wound

    Where to use Duoderm Signal

    • Ideal to be used on leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, surgical wounds etc.
    • This also provides relief from second-degree burns and traumatic wounds

    Where not to use Duoderm Signal

    • The dressing should not be used on individuals who are sensitive to or have had an allergic reaction to the dressing or its components

    Precautions to be taken before using Duoderm Signal

    • Avoid using with other wound care products without first consulting a health care professional
    • Do not change the dressing frequently, especially if the patient has fragile skin

    Wound-Care brings the best healthcare management with a variety of brands at your doorstep. Visit the official website of Wound Care- wound-care.co.uk and get the desired aid for your wounds.

  4. Actisorb Silver Dressings for Chronic Wounds

    Actisorb Silver Dressingscomprise activated charcoal layer that contains silver which reduces infection and also cuts down on wound odour in patients. This particular dressing is mostly used for providing relief to patients with chronic wounds, especially for managing malodorous and infected wounds. Wound Care provides its patients with numerous wound dressing options. Visit the official site of Wound Care UK for more details about health and medication.

    [caption id="attachment_379" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Actisorb Silver Dressings Actisorb Silver Dressings[/caption]

    What are Actisorb Silver Dressings?

    Actisorb Silver Dressingsare designed to protect wounds from infection. The dressing absorbs toxins and wound degradation products along with volatile amines and fatty acids. The dressing is a sterile primary dressing that consists of charcoal layer and is impregnated with silver and hence, also prevents any false wound odour. Wound Care brings to you Actisorb Silver Dressings that are available in two sizes, these are Actisorb Silver 220 Dressing 6.5cm 9.5cm pack size 10 and Actisorb Silver 220 Dressing 10.5cm 10.5cm pack size 10.

    Benefits of Actisorb Silver Dressings

    • Has good bacterial endotoxin binding for odour control
    • Provides better wound tolerance
    • The wound dressing provides good antimicrobial activity
    • Helps in curing chronic venous leg ulcers
    • Silver content reduced wound odour

    Where to use Actisorb Silver Dressings?

    • These are effective when it comes to curing leg ulcers
    • Recommended for the management of malodorous and infected wounds
    • Helps in curing Fungating lesions, faecal fistulae, infected pressure sores and heavily exuding leg ulcers

    Where not to use Actisorb Silver Dressings?

    • Should not be used on patients who are allergic to nylon

    Precautions to be taken before using Actisorb Silver Dressings

    • Should be used with care as a primary dressing on wounds that have a tendency to dry out

    Wound Care with an assortment of dressings, bandages, compression hosieries, etc., is an online store that makes life lot easier, especially when you are suffering from chronic burns and wounds. Get in touch with us to avail great deals and explore a range of healthcare products. Reach us at wound-care.co.uk.

  5. Flivasorb Dressings Superabsorbent Wound Dressing

    What is Flivasorb Dressing?

    Flivasorb dressingsdressing is super absorbent, wound dressing that is low-sensitivity with a non-adhesive white wound contact layer. It features a highly absorbent gelling fiber core and an outer polypropylene layer that is breathable. Flivasorb dressings superabsorbent nature lets it absorb twice as much as the traditionally absorbent dressings.


    Flivasorb dressing is applied at highly exuding wounds that are challenging to treat like leg ulcers. This dressing, once applied, manages the wound appropriately to prevent further damage to the wound and the surrounding area.

    Key Benefits of Flivasorb Dressings

    Flivasorb dressings is an effective and skin-friendly superabsorbent dressing that works under compression to optimize the healing potential. Few of the Flivasorb dressing benefits are:

    • Highly effective in absorbing and retaining highly exuding wounds
    • Comes with extended wear time, saving on repeated dressing time and cost
    • Acts as a barrier locking away harmful bacteria and proteases, thus optimizing the healing process
    • Improves peri-wound skin by protecting against maceration
    • Enhances the ultimate quality of life in patients

    Flivasorb Dressing Indications

    Flivasorb dressings are indicated for the management of heavily exuding wounds in the following conditions:

    • Pressure ulcers
    • Various origin leg ulcers as venous, diabetic or arterial
    • Laparotomy wounds
    • Post-surgical wounds
    • Fistulas
    • Superficial semi-thick burns
    • Wet leaky legs, lymphorrea

    Can Flivasorb be applied on Infected Wounds?

    Flivasorb dressing is primarily designed for exudate management, which is why it retains some pathogens in the dressings rather than killing them. Application of Flivasorb dressing solely over infected wounds or critically colonized ones is not recommended.

    Wound-care.c.uk is the place to reckon if youre looking for quality healthcare products for management of surgical wounds or dressings. It is the one-stop shop to order reliable and best quality dressings, bandages, surgical tapes, compression hosiery for different purposes and barrier creams.

  6. Manage High Exuding Wounds with Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressings

    What is Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressing?

    Tegaderm Superabsorber dressingabsorbs and retains wounds from moderate to high exudate, even under compression. It helps to prevent maceration of the wound edges and can work as both primary and secondary dressing. The sterile dressing acts as a barrier between the wound and external contaminants like bacteria and protects clothing and bandage from contamination.

    Tegaderm super absorber dressings super absorption and high exudate retention features elevate patients comfort with fewer disruptions.

    Tegaderm Dressing Highlights

    • Vertical wicking layer
    • Barrier backing
    • Comfortable and smooth contact layer
    • Highly absorbent core

    Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressing Features

    Tegaderm superabsorber dressingsare extremely effective at managing moderate to high exudate wounds. The following are its features:

    • Requires less frequent dressing changes being highly absorbent in nature; reduces cost and frequent dressing changes
    • Keeps the wound environment moist
    • Rapid Vertical wicking helps remove the exudate away from the skin surface
    • Elevates patients comfort

    Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressing Benefits

    Tegaderm superabsorber dressingprovides a protective backing that repels external fluids while catching all the wound exudate in its superabsorbent polymers. It prevents bandages and external clothes from getting contaminated. Its vertical wicking layer, through rapid wicking, traps exudate into its superabsorbent polymers without letting them leak.

    Tegaderm superabsorber dressingfeatures a super absorbent core that catches the exudate vertically, thus protecting the wound edges from maceration. Its superabsorbent sodium polyacrylate gelling polymers are effective in retaining exudate even under compression.

    Its conformable contact layer helps protect fragile tissues and elevates patients comfort. Its Porous polypropylene wound contact layer is specifically and thoughtfully designed for softness, comfort, and conformability.

    Suggested Applications of Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressing Benefits

    • Acts as a primary or secondary dressing for effective management of moderate to high exuding wounds with partial or full thickness
    • Venous leg ulcers
    • Diabetic or Neuropathic foot ulcers
    • Dehisced surgical wounds

    Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressing Shouldnt Be Applied On:

    • Dry or low exuding wounds
    • Eyes
    • Mucous membranes
    • Tendons or wound cavities
    • Persons with known sensitivity to the dressings

  7. All You Need To Know About Activa Class I Compression Stockings

    What are Activa Class I Compression Stockings?

    Activa Class I Compression Stockings are compression hosiery stockings medically designed and approved for additional compression. It has redefined new standards in compression hosiery performance. These below knee support stockings are comfortable, easy to wear and feel light on the calf muscles and legs.

    Activa Class I Compression Stockings are a blend of ultra-fine nylon filaments of Tactel Micro and the stretch properties of smooth Lycra soft. These are indicated for the management of varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, swollen legs and ankles, after pregnancy care and can also be worn during long periods of inactivity.

    Activa knee stockings are latex free and medically approved. These are easy to maintain and care for. Available in multiple sizes and colours make sure there is a fit for all.

    Activa Class I Compression Stockings

    Activa Class I Compression Stockings are ideal for you if you suffer from the following:

    • Apparent and painful varicose veins
    • Swollen legs or throbbing pain in legs
    • Paining and tired legs at the end of the day

    Activa Class I Compression Stockings Benefits

    Since Activa compression hosiery is designed to improve circulation in the legs, it relieves aching and throbbing pain in the legs at the end of the day. It takes away the tiredness and heaviness from the legs. Activa compression hosiery also helps prevent leg ulcer recurrence and relieves the discomfort of legs due to varicose veins.

    Compression hosiery is clinically proven to relieve legs from the symptoms of itching and irritated skin. It can also be recommended to be worn every day for those who walk long distances and feel tired at the end of the day.

    Activa compression legwear, available at woundcare.co.uk, is one of the most innovative lines of compression stockings. Woundcare.co.uk houses quality medically graduated supplies designed to align with their determined purpose effectively.

  8. Tubifast Bandage Tubular Retention Dressings

    What is Tubifast Bandage?

    Tubifast bandage is a 2-way stretch bandage that is completely light-weight. It is used for dressing retention and covering skin on any part of the body. Tubifast bandages are worlds first and only elasticated tubular bandages till date that stretch two ways. These facilitate both radial and longitudinal stretch, making it a preferred choice of clinicians over the world.

    You can utilize Tubifast tubular bandage for patch wrapping as well as under-cast stockinette. It is relatively quick and offers greater ease of use without wearing out comparing to other tubular bandages.

    How Tubifast Bandage work?

    Tubifast bandage is made of viscose material with ultra-fine elastane threads woven into the fabric. The radial and longitudinal knitted threads impart its elasticity. Tubifast bandage holds the dressing securely without constricting or compressing the affected area. Its application doesnt require any pins or tapes.

    Tubigrip Bandages

    The unique stretch feature liberates the patient of complete freedom and movement of the affected part for comfort. This is perfect for use in joints where higher movement is required. It snugly fits over all wound types and limbs irrespective of the size and shape.

    What are the benefits of Tubifast Bandage?

    Tubifast bandages unique elasticity feature makes it a preferred choice of clinicians worldwide. It stretches radially and longitudinally without constricting or compressing the wound at all, making it easy and painless for the patient. The two way stretch feature allows patients the added benefit of movement and freedom of limbs and joints.

    Tubular bandages are available in a variety of size options that minimizes the waste thus making it cost-effective. It is quick and easy to apply by simply cutting it to the required size and stretching the dressing for optimum fit without any compression.

    Tubifast bandages are available in color-coded varieties each referring to its specific feature and use. This makes it easy to identify and refer. The multiple variants of tubular bandages fit from small limbs to adult trunks.

    It keeps the wound free of excess fiber as it has less fray.

    Woundcare.co.uk is the home of clinically preferred, surgical and healthcare supplies at cost-effective prices. Stock up your hospital inventory with the most reliable dressings, bandages, surgical tapes, compression hosiery and barrier creams.

  9. Tubigrip Bandages For Proper Support and Free Movement

    The Tubigrip is a stretchable tubular bandage that provides targeted support to weak joints with complete freedom of movement for your limbs. The bandage is ideal for soft tissue injuries like sprain and strains. It stays put in one place without the need for tapes or pins, making putting the bandage on and off easy without causing discomfort to the injury.

    What are Tubigrip Tubular Bandages?

    This bandage has a quick effect on soft tissue injuries and is perfect for the treatment of strains and sprains. It is a multi-purpose bandage that can be used for pressure dressing. It distributes the pressure evenly on the surface by automatically adjusting to the contours of the body. Tubigrip is a reusable bandage for multiple uses. The bandage is easy to apply and reapply without the need of using tapes and pins. It effectively treats the injury by reducing swelling by maintaining adequate compression, which is tight but feels comfortable.

    Benefits of Tubigrip Bandage

    Simple to apply and reapply

    Available in 6 different width sizes and in 0.5m and 1.0m lengths

    No need for pins or tapes

    Ideal for soft tissue injuries, sprains, strains, and pressure dressing

    Adjusts to the contours of the body for easy quick fitting

    The bandage provides gentle support without feeling tight

    It is a comfortable bandage that does not cause itchiness

    Facilitates free movement of joints

    The bandage is washable and is easy-to-clean

    Elasticated cotton fabric is soft and comfortable against skin

    It reduces wastage, since the only exact amount needed is cut from the roll

    Where to use Tubigrip Dressing?

    This is a supportive bandage when you have difficulty moving an injured muscle or joint

    It is used to retain wound dressings, pressure dressings, and padding material

    It can be wrapped under plaster of Paris to protect the skin

    Can be used for orthopedic conditions

    Allows full arm and leg application

    Necessary Precautions to be taken before applying Tubigrip Bandage

    Remove the bandage before going to bed at night

    Wash it regularly to maintain hygiene and retain its elasticity

    Change the bandage if it has soiled, lost its shape, or is slipping

    Tubigrip Tubular Bandage is available at the official website of WoundCare in several sizes to provide the best suitable fit. Products are delivered across the world at affordable prices. An extensive range of other healthcare products is also available with them, including surgical dressings, tapes and compression hosiery.

  10. Hypafix Tape-Highly functional Radio Transparent Tape

    The Hypafix Tape features a non-woven polyester backing and is self-adhesive in nature. Providing complete coverage of the wound dressing, the tape helps in reducing risk of contamination. The tape is permeable to both air and moisture. Providing greater freedom of movement, the tape can be easily cut to any desired shape. WoundCare brings to you a high quality Hypafix tape that is ideal for secure and rapid fixation.

    What is Hypafix Tape?

    Made from white polyester material along with a hypoallergenic adhesive coating, Hypafix tape reduces the risk of maceration as it promotes air flow. Conforming well onto the body contours, the tape is radio transparent and does not have to be removed in case of radiotherapy or X-ray examination. Not leaving any adhesive residue the tape is a versatile medical tape that holds dressings, catheters, and trach tubes securely in place.

    Benefits of Hypafix Tape

    • Reduces risk of contamination and maceration
    • Provides fixation for catheters and drainage tubes
    • Combines security with comfort and is highly conformable
    • Allows joints to be dressed without constraining movement
    • The Hypafix Tape is skin friendly and is available in a range of sizes

    Where to Use Hypafix Tape?

    • The Hypafix tape can be used in retention of post-operative wound dressings
    • The tape also helps in retaining gauze and absorbent pads
    • Easily secures catheters and drainage tubes
    • Can be used on patients who have exhibited an adverse reaction to adhesives containing rubber, or resin

    Where Not to Use Hypafix Tape?

    • The Hypafix tape should not be applied to patients who are known to be sensitive to acrylic adhesives
    • Patients with fragile or sensitive skin too should avoid using this tape
    • Hypafix tape is not to be applied under tension in order to prevent shearing forces causing damage to the skin

    Precautions to be taken before using Hypafix Tape

    • One needs to ensure that the fixation edge is adequate while cutting Hypafix tape. A distance of 2 cm from the edge of the wound is desirable

    Hypafix Tape is available at the official website of WoundCare that deals with an extensive range of health care goods. Be it surgical dressings, tapes or compression hosiery, Woundcare is a well renowned online retailer that is home to endless goods that are readily available at your doorstep.

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