1. Atrauman Dressing- Low Adherent Minor Wound Protection

    A non-adherent dressing gauze like Atrauman tulle Dressing is ideally used for speedy recovery of wounds. Minor wounds like infected burns, wounds, ulcers, and skin grafts needs to be managed and require a protective layer of a non-medicated fiber-like dressing.A non-adherent dressing gauze like Atrauman tulle Dressing is ideally used for speedy recovery of wounds. Minor wounds like infected burns, wounds, ulcers, and skin grafts needs to be managed and require a protective layer of a non-medicated fiber-like dressing.

    What is Atrauman Dressing?


    This tulle dressing is a non-medicated gauze impregnated with neutral triglycerides. It supports lipid metabolism and promotes quick healing with its 1mm pore size and smooth surface. The gauze moistens the supple wound and provides a soft, smooth and comfortable wound treatment. This 7-day effective gauze decreases irritation risk and cuts its contact with the healthier skin without leaving any sticky residue because of its paraffin content.


    Atrauman Dressing Gauze is available in various sizes:


    • Atrauman Dressings 5cm x 5cm Pack Size 50
    • Atrauman Dressings 7.5cm x 10cm Pack Size 10
    • Atrauman Dressings 10cm x 20cm Pack Size 30
    • Atrauman Dressings 20cm x 30cm Pack Size 10


    Benefits of Atrauman Dressing


    • Free from any medication and contains natural vegetable fatty acids
    • Promotes mess free wound with its permeability to exudate
    • Easy to apply and remove without any pain
    • Pocket-friendly and multi-use gauze
    • Reduces pain and accelerates quick wound healing
    • Light-weight and waterproof


    Where to use Atrauman Dressings?


    • Helpful in management of infected wounds and minor injuries
    • Speedy recovery of bacterial or fungal infections of a minor wound
    • For allowing a passage to the exudate from a wound
    • To provide moist healing environment to granulating or shallow wounds


    Where not to use Atrauman Dressings?


    • The application of Autrauman Dressing gauze must be strictly avoided on a high exudate wound.
    • This type of dressing must be avoided for an unclean or non-sterile wound.

    Precautions to take before using Mepilex Border Dressings

    • Atrauman tulle dressing must not be disposed off wastewater or household garbage
    • Gauze must be kept away from heat and out of reach of children
    • It is ideal to store tulle dressing in a cool place


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  2. Mepilex Border Dressings- All-in-one Dressing for Wound Treatment

    An absorbent dressing like Mepilex border is required to heal moderate and heavily exuding wounds and preventing bacterial infection. They have an ability to absorb excess discharge of wound and create an ideal healing environment that is highly important to promote the healing process.An absorbent dressing like Mepilex border is required to heal moderate and heavily exuding wounds and preventing bacterial infection. They have an ability to absorb excess discharge of wound and create an ideal healing environment that is highly important to promote the healing process.

    What is Mepilex Border Dressing?

    Mepilex border is an all-in-one multi-layered foam dressing that maintains a moist healing environment for moderate to highly exuding wounds by absorbing the excess exudate. Safetec layer locks the wound discharge inside the dressing and prevents it from leaking. It also ensures that the dressing comes out easily without causing any skin damage. Once this dressing is applied, there is no requirement of a secondary dressing. It is perfect for treating pressure ulcers, skin tears, and dry wounds.

    Mepilex border dressings are available in various sizes

    • Mepilex Border Dressings 7cm x 7.5cm, Pack Size 10
    • Mepilex Border Dressings 10cm x 12.5cm, Pack Size 10
    • Mepilex Border Dressings 15cm x 17.5cm, Pack Size 10
    • Mepilex Border Dressings 17cm x 20cm, Pack Size 5
    • Mepilex Border Dressings 10cm x 20cm, Pack Size 5
    • Mepilex Border Dressings 10cm x 30cm, Pack Size 5
    • Mepilex Border Sacral Dressings 15cm x 15cm, Pack Size 5
    • Mepilex Border Sacral Dressings 18cm x 18cm, Pack Size 5
    • Mepilex Border Sacral Dressings 23cm x 23cm, Pack Size 5


    Benefits of Mepilex Border Dressings

    • Promotes healing of woundSafetac technology for a safe adhesive removal
    • Less chances of skin damage; showerproof
    • Painless removal
    • Reduces the risk of skin maceration and infection


    Where to use Mepilex Border Dressings?

    • Can be used to treat leg or foot ulcers and pressure ulcers
    • Ideal for treatment of traumatic wounds such as surgical wounds and skin tears
    • Can be used to treat dry or necrotic wounds when combined with gels


    Where not to use Mepilex Border Dressings?

    • Should not be used with oxidising agents that includes hypochlorite solutions or hydrogen peroxide


    Precautions to take before using Mepilex Border Dressings

    • Store it in dry conditions below 35C or 95F
    • Protect it from direct sunlight
    • Resterilizing is not recommended
    • Do not use if internal package is damaged; in this case there is no guarantee of sterility


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  3. Wound Dressings: Every Wound Needs To be Treated Differently

    Every wound should not be treated in a same way. The dressing that you opt for should be able to create an optimal healing condition for the wound. Therefore, you should select the right dressing for any wound. There are some factors that impact the selection of the wound dressing.

    • Amount of exudate
    • Number of healthy granule tissue (in percentage)
    • Risk of infection
    • Wound depth

    Dressings are classified on the degree of occlusion and absorbency.

    Absorptive Dressings

    The absorptive dressings are recommended for the exuding wounds. So, the dressing should absorb the extra wound exudate and promote healing otherwise there is a risk of maceration of the surrounding skin.
    You should pick either foam or hydrofibre dressings for exuding wounds. Wound Care offers you KerraMax Care and Aquacel Foam dressings that are highly effective in healing the wound with discharge.

    1.KerraMax Care

    It is a super absorbent dressing that helps in reducing exudate and matrix metalloproteinases. It works best for heavily exuding wounds, surgical incisions, skin ulcers, burns, abrasions, and other similar conditions. It is suitable to be used under compression bandages.

    2. Aquacel Foam

    A multi-layered dressing with a soft absorbent pad will help heal chronic and acute wounds. It has a hydrofibre layer that converts into a soft gel on touching the wound discharge or exudate and facilitate the healing process.

    Occlusive Dressings
    Occlusive dressing is recommended for a very dry wound as it will hydrate the wound to promote healing. A wound needs a moist healing environment to heal and this dressing helps prevent it from drying out.

    Hydrogel Dressing like Aquaform Hydrogel Dressing is perfect for treating dry wound. Wound Care offers you this effective dressing that helps rehydrate dry or necrotic tissues and finally assisting autolytic debridement.

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  4. Opsite Flexifix- Ideal for Quick Fixation of Primary Dressings

    The tubes, stoma devices and other primary wound dressings need to be fixed in the place in order to prevent the risk of infection. For this, a wound dressing retention film is required that is non-irritating to the skin as well as stays on for a long time. Wound Care presents you Opsite Flexifix, a highly extensible and comfortable dressing fixation tape.


    What is Opsite Flexifix?

    Opsite Flexifix is a transparent adhesive film that comes with a distinctive wound measurement grid. It is used for fixing primary dressing, tubes, leg bags, and stoma devices. With high moisture permeability, it lets excess exudate to evaporate, preventing skin maceration. It is conformable to your body contours for ease of movement.
    You can also get Opsite Flexifix Gentle that incorporates all the qualities of Opsite Flexifix and has a gentle silicone gel adhesive to suit fragile skin.


    The Opsite Flexifix and Opsite Flexifix Gentle dressings come in sizes to choose from:

    • Opsite Flexifix 5cm x 1m, Pack Size 1
    • Opsite Flexifix 10cm x 1m, Pack Size 1
    • Opsite Flexifix 2.5cm x 5m Gentle, Pack Size 1
    • Opsite Flexifix 5cm x 5m Gentle, Pack Size 1


    Benefits of Opsite Flexifix

    • Reduces moisture build-up
    • Needs fewer dressing changes
    • Prevents bacterial infection
    • Hypoallergenic; ideal for fragile skin
    • Waterproof; allows patients to take a shower
    • Conformable to sit well on awkward body contours
    • Can be worn for a long time


    Where to use Opsite Flexifix?

    • Used to retain dressings in place
    • Used to fix tubes
    • Used to hold catheters, stoma devices and leg bags
    • Used for treating shallow pressure sores, minor cuts, abrasions and burns


    Where no to use Opsite Flexifix?

    • Should not be applied to heavily bleeding wounds


    Precautions to be taken before using Opsite Flexifix

    • Gently clean and dry the wound
    • Make sure that the skin surrounding the wound is dry before applying the Opsite Flexifix
    • Place the dressing with light pressure over the wound
    • Patients with fragile skin need extra supervision as it is an adhesive dressing that might end up stripping the skin


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  5. Jelonet Dressing: A Non-Medicated Dressing

    A moist healing environment is necessary for quick healing of any wound. There are different wound dressings available in the market, which are designed specifically for light to moderate-to heavily exuding wounds. Various light to moderate wounds such as minor burns, abrasions, etc. can be healed really quickly with Jenolet Dressings. These dressings are not medicated and are safe to use with topical antiseptic or antibiotic.

    What is Jelonet Dressing?

    Jelonet dressing is an unmedicated soft paraffin gauze dressing, which is designed from open weave gauze that reduces fraying when cut to a desired shape. It is low-adherent, latex-free, and soothing dressing that lets the wound exudate freely drain into an absorbent secondary dressing.

    Benefits of Jenolet Dressing

    • Allows for free movement of wound exudate
    • Heals light to moderately exuding wounds
    • Maintains moist wound bed
    • Safe to use with any topical antibiotic and antiseptic
    • Can be cut to any shape; no fraying

    Where to use Jenolet Dressing:

    • Minor burns and scalds
    • Donor and recipient graft sites
    • Skin loss wounds
    • Lacerations and abrasions
    • Leg ulcers

    Where not to use Jenolet Dressing?

    When used on heavily exuding wounds, there is a risk of tissue maceration due to its semi-occlusive nature. It may prevent the free passage of wound exudate to the secondary dressing

    Precautions before using Jenolet Dressing

    • Change the dressing daily or frequently, depending on the wound condition
    • Consult your doctor before using it for leg ulcers
    • Immediately consult your doctor in case of redness and discomfort
    • Jenolet dressings are not absorbent, therefore use a secondary dressing

    Wound care offers a wide range of bandages and dressings for any wounds. Dont forget to check the online portal- wound-care.co.uk to give yourself an immediate medical attention.

  6. Allevyn Life Dressings: Heal Acute and Chronic Exudative Wounds

    Allevyn Life is a unique five layer foam dressing that absorbs fluid and re-distributes pressure more evenly than traditional foam dressings. This multi-layered dressing creates a moist healing environment and helps prevent the wound against the bacterial infection. It redistributes pressure more uniformly than common foam dressings. It stays in place and lets the patient take a bath with the dressing on.

    [caption id="attachment_485" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Allevyn Life Dressings Allevyn Life Dressings[/caption]

    What are Allevyn Life Dressings?

    ALLEVYN Life Dressings are advanced wound management product having a multi-layered design. It combines a hydrocellular foam, highly absorbent lack away core, change indicator, and masking layer. It comes in different shapes to treat wounds on your heel and sacral area. It is available in different sizes:

    • Allevyn Life Dressings 10.3cm x 10.3cm Pack Size10
    • Allevyn Life Dressings 12.9cm x 12.9cm Pack Size10
    • Allevyn Life Dressings 15.4cm x 15.4cm Pack Size10
    • Allevyn Life Dressings 21cm x 21cm Pack Size10
    • Allevyn Life Sacrum Dressings 17.2cm x 17.5cm Pack Size 10
    • Allevyn Life Sacrum Dressings 21.6cm x 23cm Pack Size 10
    • Allevyn Life Heel Dressings 25cm x 25.2cm Pack Size 5

    Benefits of Allevyn Life Dressings

    • Feature a unique shape to conform to the body for dressing retention and ease of bathing
    • Help to provide cushioning to the wound
    • Shield the wound from bumps and knocks
    • Little to no pain while changing the dressing
    • Avoid leakage of exudate
    • Prevents unnecessary dressing changes; minimizes wastage
    • Masking layer reduces the visible effect of the strike through

    Where to use Allevyn Life Dressings?

    • Thin, granulating wounds
    • Acute and chronic exudative wounds
    • Leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and other complete or partial
    • thickness wounds
    • Surgical wounds
    • Skin tears
    • Malignant wounds
    • Fungating ulcers
    • Donor sites
    • First and second-degree burns

    Where not to use Allevyn Life Dressings?

    Do not use these dressings with oxidizing agents like hydrogen peroxide or hypochlorite solutions (such as EUSOL)

    Precautions to be taken before using Allevyn Life Dressings

    Discontinue the use of Allevyn Life Dressing if sensitization or reddening happens
    Using with oxidizing agents can break down the dressings absorbent polyurethane component

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  7. Hypafix Tape- Suitable for Rapid fixation for Wound Dressings

    A retention tape is necessary to hold wound dressings in place to minimize the risk of wound infection. These retention tapes are self-adhesive with non-woven polyester fabric backing. They stick on the skin for longer and also effectively secure gauze, catheters, and drainage tubes. Wound Care offers reliable rapid fixation for wound dressing. Hypafix tape is one such retention tape that is versatile and available in four distinct sizes.

    What is Hypafix Tape?

    Hypafix tape is an adhesive, non-woven fabric layer to quickly fix the dressing in its place. It ideally sticks around joints and gives an enhanced freedom of motion to the patient. Its air and moisture vapor permeability reduces the risk of maceration and makes it ideal for all skin types. Below mentioned are the different sizes this Hypafix tape comes in.

    • Hypafix Tape 2.5cm x 10m Pack Size 1
    • Hypafix Tape 5.0cm x 10m Pack Size 1
    • Hypafix Tape 10cm x 10m Pack Size 1
    • Hypafix Tape 15cm x 10m Pack Size 1

    Benefits of Hypafix Tapes

    • Ensures patients comfort by allowing them to move freely
    • Helps in dressing joints
    • Non-allergic
    • Easy to apply and remove
    • Does not leave any sticky residue on the skin
    • Can be cut in any shape

    Where to use Hypafix Tape?

    • Use it to secure post-operative wound dressings
    • Use it to retain absorbent pads and gauze
    • Ideal to secure drainage tubes and catheters

    Where not to use Hypafix Tape?

    • Do not use when an adhesive border is used with dressing

    Precautions to be taken before using Hypafix Tape

    • Ensure that it is not applied under pressure
    • Avoid its usage if you are allergic to acrylic adhesive
    • Should be kept in a cool and dry area to maintain the quality of the adhesive

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  8. Effectiveness Of C-View Transparent Film Wound Dressing

    Transparent dressing makes a valuable contribution to the modern day wound management. C-View is a transparent dressingthat allows for continuous observation of the wound throughout the healing process. Impervious to bacteria and waterproof, it effectively meets the needs of primary and secondary dressing.

    What is C-View dressing?

    The C-View dressing is a transparent and semi-permeable polyurethane film dressing coated with an acrylic adhesive. It is a waterproof and non-absorbent wound dressingbest suited for wounds with little and no exudate. It is used in post-operative wounds, superficial burns, minor abrasions and superficial wounds.

    Benefits of C-View dressing

    • Retention is better than other similar dressings
    • Cost-effective option as it does not require frequent reapplication
    • Self-adhesive; easy to apply as well as remove
    • Prevent shear and friction forces to trigger any skin breakdown
    • Can be easily cut to dress difficult wound sites
    • Allows for the observation of the wound without taking it off
    • Provides a bacterial and water barrier for the wounds
    • Latex-free, waterproof film

    Where to use C-View dressing?

    • This is suitable for wounds with little or no exudate
    • Used on healing the post-operative wounds

    Where not to use C-View dressing?

    • Not to be used on people with known sensitivity to the dressing or its components
    • Do not use on infected wounds, full thickness burns or deep cavity wounds
    • Not to be used alone on exuding wounds
    • Do not use in conjunction with topical medicinal preparations

    Precautions to be taken during use of C-View dressing

    • Gently peel by lifting one corner of the dressing
    • Support the skin while peeling the dressing off the skin
    • Peel by stretching parallel skin in the direction of hair growth
    • Avoid traction to the wound and the surrounding skin

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  9. Aquacel Foam Dressings- Waterproof Film for Chronic and Acute Wounds

    A waterproof dressing like Aquacel foam is an effective solution to treat infected to low as well as heavy exuding wounds. It forms a protective layer on the wound to prevent it from infection and supports healing.

    What is Aquacel Foam?

    Aquacel Foam is a multilayer dressing that consists of a waterproof polyurethane outer film and soft absorbent pad. This pad consists of a polyurethane foam that absorbs excess moisture to minimize the risk of maceration. Its Hydrofiber layer turns into a soft gel on contact with wound exudate to create a moist healing environment. It sticks to the surrounding skin easily with a silicone adhesive border. This effective dressing is also designed with silver to heal infected wounds. The Aquacel foam comes in:

    • Aquacel Foam Adhesive Dressings
    • Aquacel Foam Non-Adhesive Dressings
    • Aquacel Ag Foam Adhesive Dressings
    • Aquacel Ag Foam Non-Adhesive Dressings

    Benefits of Aquacel Foam

    • Waterproof film shields against bacterial infection
    • Creates a soft gel to promote healing
    • Absorbs exudate and excess moisture to keep the patient clean
    • Ensures painless application and removal
    • Effective under compression

    Where to use Aquacel Foam?

    • Helps in treating exuding wounds
    • Use it on shallow wounds as a primary dressing
    • Ideal to treat diabetic foot, infected wounds, palliative wounds, pressure ulcers, sloughy wounds, superficial wounds, surgical wounds, and venous ulcers

    Where not to use Aquacel Foam?

    • People with sensitive skin should not use it
    • Not suitable for individuals who are allergic to dressing

    Precautions to be taken before using Aquacel Foam

    • Suitable for single use only
    • There is a risk of infection due to its re-use
    • It is recommended to wear it for 7 days at maximum

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  10. KerraMax Care Dressings- Heal Heavily Exuding Wounds

    Absorbent dressings are designed to heal heavily exuding wounds and protect them from environmental bacteria. They absorb a large amount of exudate and seal them inside. They provide a good wound-healing environment and speed up the healing process. Wound care offers you an effective healing solution for heavily exuding wounds, KerraMax Care Dressings.

    What is KerraMax Care Dressing?

    Kerramax Care Dressing is a superabsorbent dressing that reduces the amount of MMPs and exudate. It shields the wound from bacteria and creates an excellent wound healing environment. This soft and comfortable dressing is ideal for use under a medium compression bandage. It comes with KerraMax Care Border Dressingsto keep it secured in place. The adhesive borders lock exudate inside the dressing and prevent leakage to keep them dry.

    [caption id="attachment_457" align="aligncenter" width="320"]KerraMax Care Border Dressings KerraMax Care Border Dressings[/caption]

    Benefits of KerraMax Care Dressings

    • Absorb exudate and matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs)
    • Comfortable and soft on wounds
    • Can be used under compression bandages
    • Maintain a good healing environment to facilitate healing
    • Seal in exudate preventing requirement of dressing changes
    • Easy to put on and remove

    Where to use Kerramax Care Dressings?

    • Kerramax Care Dressings are designed for heavily exuding wounds
    • Heal surgical incisions, lacerations, skin ulcers, and similar wounds and other conditions
    • These are also ideal to be used on abrasions and burns
    [caption id="attachment_458" align="aligncenter" width="393"]Kerramax Care Dressings Kerramax Care Dressings[/caption]

    Where not to use Kerramax Care Dressings?

    • Should not be used on dry or light exuding wounds
    • These dressings are not supposed to be used in cavity wounds
    • They are not ideal for third-degree burns

    Precautions to be taken before using Kerramax Care Dressings

    • Clean the wound properly to prevent infection
    • Do not cut the dressing

    Wound Care has a variety of dressings and bandages for any wounds. Check out the official website- wound-care.co.ukto provide you with immediate and effective medical care.

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