1. Things about the Biatain Silicone Dressing You Need To Know

    What is the Biatain Silicone dressing?

    Biatain Silicone is a foam dressing made with soft polyurethane and has a semi-permeable film with a silicone adhesive. The soft silicone contact layer of the dressing ensure secure fit to keep it in place and cause minimal pain upon removal.

    Benefits of Biatain Silicone Dressings

    Soft, flexible and comfortable
    The flexible design of the dressing and smooth material ensure a close-hugging fit to the wound. The foam pad touching the skin is extremely comfortable to wear, even for compression therapy.

    The silicone foam dressing is highly water resistant and impermeable to bacteria.

    Super absorbent material
    It absorbs and locks away excessively exuding moisture from the skin.

    Perforated adhesive
    The perforated silicone adhesive reduces the moisture in and around the wound, while providing a gentle and secure fit.

    Precautions to take while using Biatain Silicone Dressings

    • The dressings are not to be used with oxidising solutions like hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide.
    • The patient needs to ensure that any kind of evaporating solutions on the wound is completely dried off before dressing the wound.


    Where to use Biatain Silicone Dressings?

    • It is suitable for treating of moderate to high exuding type of wounds including leg ulcers, ulcers formed with pressure, second-degree burns, post-operative wounds and skin abrasions.
    • It is effective for usage under compression therapy.

    With all this information on the Biatain silicone dressings, you can now ensure that your wounds are treated suitably and dont get infected easily because of moisture or bacteria.
    Youll get an extensive range of different wound dressings and bandages for wound treatment at Wound Care. For more information visit Wound-Care.co.uk.

  2. Feel the comfort with Kerraped Boot

    It is difficult to find the balance of the body when you have hurt your foot. Usually, the thick dressings or casts are not able to let you put your foot on the ground comfortably. But Kerraped boots help you find that balance and comfort for your body and help in quick and easy recovery.

    What are Kerraped Boots?

    Our body is made such that it divides the weight equally and makes a balance on both our legs that we stand on. However, when even one of the feet or legs are hurt it becomes difficult for a person to make a balance while standing, ending up with putting more pressure on the affected leg. These boots are therapeutic, off-loading footwear which reduces up to 30% of the pressure on your foot leaving you able to walk normally.

    Who Needs These?

    The Kerraped boots fill in for the vulnerable foot of the patients suffering from lymphedema, have neuropathic foot ulcers or the ones with bulky bandages on the foot who cannot wear their regular footwear.

    How Comfortable And Beneficial Is It For You?

    The Kerraped boots are designed in a way that they provide maximum comfort to your foot. These shoes can be worn on either of the foot as a replacement for your regular footwear. The boot has many benefits aside from being a comfortable and light footwear which allows you to reduce pressure on an injured or bandaged foot.

    Keepsdressings dry

    Breathable upper with a black EVA insole

    Velcro straps allow for adjustability for a comfortable and secure fit

    Reduces plantar pressure by up to 30%and does not need to be customised to achieve results

    Will off-load pressure whilst allowing you to walk normally

    Can be wipedclean

    Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate bulky dressings, bandages and swelling (refer to size guide)

    Easy to put on and take off

    Kerraped comes as a single shoe and can be worn on either foot.


    Ensure maximum comfort for your injured or affected foot with WoundCares best quality Kerraped boots which are highly comfortable and assist you through your injury.

  3. What You Need to Know About Compression Hosiery?

    Compression stockings or Compression Hosiery is a specially designed hosiery stocking to help prevent against venous infections and disorders such as lymphedema, varicose veins and thrombosis affecting the legs mainly. These elastic garments are to be worn around the leg, compressing the affected limbs, reducing the swelling and bloating of the veins and increasing the speed of the venous blood, also reduces the risk of leg ulceration.

    How Can We Help You?

    We, at Wound-Care, offer you a one-stop solution for all your medical needs by providing a range of medical care products and a variety of compression hosiery to help you protect against these diseases and disorders. Our range of compression hosiery includes Activa Class 1, Activa Class 2, and Activa Class 3 stockings. We provide compression stockings that are below the knee, below open toe, thigh high, and those that provide unisex support. Hosiery Liners are also available in all sizes and multiple skin colors.
    So now you know how these compression stockings are useful for you in preventing the occurrence of or against further progression of venuous disorders.

  4. Types of Bandages Supplies for All Kinds of Injuries and Wounds at Wound-Care

    If you want to heal a nasty cut, any bruise, scrapes, smaller wound or more, then bandages always comes to rescue. With most of these bandage products being waterproof, they help to prevent the contamination caused by food or other fluids.
    Bandages act like a secondary dressing securing the primary one in its place. Wound-Care brings different types of bandages available that includes compression, non-compression, tubular, gauze, woven, and many more that you can avail, depending upon the need, in different sizes. You can also seek some highly conformable bandages making it much easier to heal the wound even on those hard to dress body parts. Given below are some commonly used bandages.

    Bandages Supplies

    Actico Cohesive Bandage
    An inelastic Compression Bandage Actico can be used in the effective treatment of leg ulcers, swollen ankles and legs. Simple in application, you can use it as an effective alternative to four layer bandaging in the management of chronic venous ulcers. You can avail this in different sizes.

    Clinifast is an Elasticated Viscose stockinette that you can use for dressing retention, wet and dry wrapping. It is latex free and is available in different width sizes and lengths.

    You can use Crepe bandages if suffering from any kind of muscle injuries or sprain.

    Tubifast 2 Way stretch Lightweight elasticated tubular bandages come with radial and longitudinal stretch are simply perfect for the dressing retention and covering the skin of any body art. It is available in different sizes of widths and lengths.


  5. Popular Surgical Tapes at Wound-Care

    Surgical tapes come to a rescue during all sorts of situations, and different types of medical tapes are used for different applications. Wound Care offers a wide assortment of surgical tapes for bandage retention and dressing.
    You can choose from - Latex-free tapes, hypoallergenic tapes, permeable non-woven synthetic tapes, occlusive transparent tapes, silicone tapes, transparent waterproof tapes, and more. Look at some popular medical tapes given below:

    Blenderm is a latex free rubber Surgical Tape. It has hypoallergenic properties that make it an occlusive tape suitable for patients with sensitive skin too. It has been medically designed to create a barrier between the wound and external fluids. Being waterproof, it protects the wound against external moisture at the same time ensuring that it prevents the wound contamination. Being transparent it allows easy monitoring of the healing process. This medical tape is flexible.

    Micropore is a latex free Surgical Tape - hypoallergenic ' paper ' tape most ideal for fragile and sensitive skin. It is very easy to tear for quick and easy application. It is perfect to secure dressings and other medical devices.


    • Breathable
    • Sticks to Skin perfectly
    • Gentle on skin


    • Taping sensitive skin
    • Allows easy labeling

    Other Surgical Tapes available at Wound Care

    • Clinipore
    • Hypafix
    • Leukopor
    • Mefix
    • Mepitac
    • Omnifix
    • OpSite Flexifix
    • Scanpore
    • Siltape
    • Strappal

    At Wound-Care, you can avail surgical tapes from all the popular major brands such as Blenderm, OpSite Flexifix, Omnifix, and Hypafix. Explore the online portal at wound-care.co.uk for the various sizes and select the medical tape that is best suitable for you.

  6. A Wide Range of Wound Care Dressings

    Selecting which type of wound dressing to be used at what time can be a bit confusing to many people and at times also for the professionals working in the wound care field. There are countless Wound-Care dressings available in the market today. Thus, it becomes very essential to choose the right dressing type to ensure that the wound is healed properly.
    Given below are some most commonly used dressings from the wide range of Wound Care dressings for low to medium and heavy wounds, burns, surgical wounds, and other medical conditions.

    Algisite Dressing
    A calcium-alginate dressing with Mannuronic acid, ALGISITE M forms a soft gel that effectively absorbs when it encounters wound. On the other hand, ALGISITE Ag is a calcium alginate dressing. ALGISITE Ag dressings are appropriate for the infected wounds or wounds that are likely to be infected.


    A super absorbent dressing, Eclypse is specifically designed for moderate to heavily exuding wounds. The absorbent layer allows rapid absorbing of exudate forming a gel and thereby reducing the risk of leakage.

    Hydrogel Dressings

    A Hydrogel dressing is a gel-based wound dressing. It provides an ideal wound-healing environment, these dressings reduces the count of dead tissues from the infected wound. It also effectively absorbs the exudate and slough.


    Softpore being a surgical adhesive dressing is ideal for low to moderately exuding wounds. This latex free dressing is available in a wide range of sizes.

  7. Medihoney Dressing-A Fast Wound Healer

    What Is Medihoney Dressing?

    It is a type of dressing which aids in wound healing. It is mainly made up of Leptospermum honey in a hydrocolloidal suspension. It is thicker in nature and gives more stability. Aids in the removal of necrotic tissue. The time taken to heal is effectively less than other wound dressings. It has been used in the healing process since centuries. Honey was used in the World Wars to cure the soldiers of their wounds. But now, this has been modified using leptospermum species to make it more efficient.


    The benefits of Honey dressings are as follows:

    • Assists in the healing progress of such wounds which have eventually stalled
    • Develops a moisture conducive environment, making the wound heal faster
    • Prominently effective even in the presence of blood, tissue and wound fluid
    • Autolytics debridement is promoted by high osmolarity
    • Lowers the overall pH of the wound
    • Helps in the overall

    Where Can It Be Applied?

    Medihoney dressing can be applied in the following places:

    • Wounds which are undermined or are tunnelled
    • Some of the wounds which need paste or gel and those which are hard-to-dress
    • Can be used after, during or before the application of negative pressure
    • Applied in the areas which are hard to reach
    • Cures dry to moderately exuding wounds such as pressure ulcers, leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers
    • First and second-degree partial burns can be attended using this thick dressing.
    • Traumatic and surgical wounds can also be healed effectively using this piece of dressing

    It Comes in the Following Forms:

    • Medihoney Medical Honey 20g Tube
    • Medihoney Medical Honey 50g Tube
    • Medihoney Dressings 10cm x 10cm Tulle Pack Size 10


    • Those who tend to have an allergy towards honey should strictly avoid this dressing
    • People getting third-degree burns should clearly consult a healthcare professional, rather than using this dressing by themselves
    • Beware of the sting after this dressing is applied. It is normal to feel stinging in the starting but if does not stop after using analgesic, then remove the dressing and cleanse the wounded area

    This is all about the honey care dressing. You can still have some doubts regarding it. Try visiting the official website Wound-Care.

  8. Hydrocoll Dressing-Semipermeable and Gelatin Free Dressing

    What Is Hydrocoll Dressing?

    A hydrocolloid dressing is a dressing with a semipermeable polyurethane backing which is impermeable to bacteria and water. It is self-adherent and gelatin-free in which the hydrocolloid particles soak the wound secretions. It changes into a gel to help keep the wound moist.

    Hydrocoll Dressing

    Forms of Hydrocoll Dressing Are as Follows:

    • Hydrocoll Dressings 5cm x 5cm, Pack Size 10
    • Hydrocoll Dressings 7.5cm x 7.5cm, Pack Size 10
    • Hydrocoll Dressings 15cm x 15cm, Pack Size 5
    • Hydrocoll Dressings 10cm x 10cm, Pack Size 10
    • Hydrocoll Concave Dressing 12cm x 8cm, Pack Size 10
    • Hydrocoll Sacral Dressing 12cm x 18cm, Pack Size 5

    Benefits of Hydrocoll Dressing?

    The benefits of Hydrocoll dressing are as follows:

    • The wearer is very comfortable when applied as the material is highly-flexible
    • Suitable for the wet treatment of wounds
    • Positions perfectly on the wound through transparent Hydrocoll
    • Due to the hydrocolloid matrix, there is no gel left in the residue of the wound
    • Has a great absorptive capacity
    • Edges are flat which ensures that the dressing is seated perfectly
    • Composed of a waterproof layer which protects the wound from moisture as well as dirt
    • Ambulatory patients can even shower while wearing this bandage

    Where to Use Hydrocoll Dressing?

    • Suitable at those wound sites where the granular process has been stalled or is not progressing satisfactorily
    • For the treatment of light to moderately exuding wounds
    • Available in concave shape for the parts which are difficult to dress


    Some of the recognised precautions are as follows:

    • It should not be strictly used in the places of sores in muscles and tendons
    • People having allergies should take care while using this dressing

    These are some of the points which need to be considered while you decide to use this dressing. For more information, you can visit the website Wound-Care.

  9. Clinifast Tubular Bandages-Effective Bandage for Dressing Retention

    What Is Clinifast Tubular Bandage?

    Composed of light breathable latex free fabric, Clinifast Tubular Bandage is a kind of dressing retention and wet or dry wrapping. It has one-way stretch which is used to hold such wound parts which are difficult to reach.

    Clinifast Tubular Bandages

    Benefits of Clinifast Tubular Bandages

    The recognised benefits of this bandage are as follows:

    • It is economical
    • Can be easily and quickly applied
    • Free from latex
    • It is breathable as well as light-weight
    • Efficient hand washable product
    • Fully complies with the Drug Tariff Specification
    • Elasticated Viscose Stockinette
    • Fabric content: 92% viscose, 5% elastane, 3% polyamide

    Clinifast Tubular Bandages Are Available in the Following Forms:

    • Clinifast Tubular Bandages Red 3.5cm x 1m Pack Size 1
    • Clinifast Tubular Bandages Green 5cm x 1m Pack Size 1
    • Clinifast Tubular Bandages Green 5cm x 3m Pack Size 1
    • Clinifast Tubular Bandages Green 5cm x 5m Pack Size 1
    • Clinifast Tubular Bandages Blue 7.5cm x 1m Pack Size 1
    • Clinifast Tubular Bandages Blue 7.5cm x 3m Pack Size 1
    • Clinifast Tubular Bandages Blue 7.5cm x 5m Pack Size 1
    • Clinifast Tubular Bandages Yellow 10.75cm x 1m Pack Size 1
    • Clinifast Tubular Bandages Yellow 10.75cm x 3m Pack Size 1
    • Clinifast Tubular Bandages Yellow 10.75cm x 5m Pack Size 1
    • Clinifast Tubular Bandages Beige 17.5cm x 1m Pack Size 1

    Where Can the Clinifast Tubular Bandage Be Applied?

    • Effective while applying on the parts of the body which are difficult to reach
    • Can also be used in wet-wrapping of the children
    • Patients with sensitivities to synthetic materials can also use this


    Some of the precautions which must be followed are enumerated below:

    • If the injury is major, avoid using it without proper medical prescription
    • People being sensitive towards allergies should consult a healthcare professional

    This is all the required information about Clinifast Tubular Bandage. For detailed information, try visiting Wound-Care.

  10. Alginate Dressing-An Effective Healer

    What Is Alginate Dressing?

    Alginate Dressing is a kind of dressing which is derived from a variety of seaweeds. The composition mainly consists of alginate, calcium and sodium fibres. The dressings are in the form of flat dressings which promotes the healing process. They also promote the new growth of the skin during the wound healing process.

    Cutimed Alginate Dressings

    Benefits of Alginate Dressings

    The important benefits of alginate dressings are as follows:

    • The dressing can be easily left unchanged for a maximum of 7 days unless an exudate capacity is reached
    • Protects the affected areas from bacterial infections
    • Maintains a moist environment which helps in quicker healing
    • Very easy to apply
    • These dressings mould themselves in the shape of the wound site
    • They can be easily applied in areas like heels and sacral parts

    Where to Use Alginate Dressings?

    Treats the pressure ulcers as well as diabetic foot ulcers
    Postoperative as well as trauma wounds can easily be handled using this
    Partial thickness burns and cavity wounds can be efficiently treated

    It Is Available in the Following Forms:

    • Cutimed Alginate Dressings 2.5cm x 30cm Pack Size 5
    • Cutimed Alginate Dressings 5cm x 5cm Pack Size 10
    • Cutimed Alginate Dressings 10cm x 10cm Pack Size 10
    • Cutimed Alginate Dressings 10cm x 20cm Pack Size 10


    The precautions which can be taken care of are enumerated below:

    • For such wounds which are bleeding heavily or those which are dry, Alginate dressings are not at all an appropriate treatment. It will be a wise option if you consider visiting a healthcare professional for the treatment
    • Extra care should be undertaken while dressing on tumours or wounds which have exposed blood vessels, there may be chances of heavy bleeding

    This is all the required information about Alginate dressing. For more one should not hesitate to visit Wound-Care.

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