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  • Activon Tulle Dressing-Primary Dressing with No Preservatives

    What Is Activon Tulle Dressing?

    Activon Tulle Dressing is a kind of primary dressing which is all made up of Manuka honey with no preservatives. It enables a moist-environment which helps in healing the wound quickly. This knitted viscose mesh is impregnated with pure Manuka honey.

    Benefits of Activon Tulle Dressing

    The benefits of Activon Tulle Dressing are as follows:

    • Can be easily placed on the wound, whatever the size may be.
    • Creates a healing environment which helps the wound to heal very fast. It effectively eliminates the wound odour
    • Enables the exudate to pass through the dressing on the wounded site
    • Very effective to debride and de-slough shallow wounds
    • Can be easily cut into any size, depending on the comfort level of the patient
    • Has anti-oxidant properties
    • Presence of honey reduces the risk of getting scared from cuts and burns
    • Rich source of vitamins and minerals

    Where to Use Activon Tulle Dressing?

    • It can be used on any sloughy, necrotic as well as malodorous wounds
    • Leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers and pressure sores can be healed using this
    • Very suitable for granulating and shallow wounds


    The precautions which can be followed while using Activon Tulle Dressing are as follows:

    • Make sure that the patient is not sensitive towards honey
    • Patients having any kind of history related towards allergies should avoid this kind of dressing
    • Should not be used with chemotherapy drugs as they cause some reaction
    • Infants under 12 months of age should be kept away from this type of dressing
    • It may happen that discomfort is caused when honey is applied initially, in such cases try using an appropriate level of analgesia. If the problem persists, then discontinue the use and wash the wound with saline solution

    All about the Activon Tulle Dressing has been mentioned, if you need to dive into the ocean of information, then visit the official website

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