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  • Flivasorb Dressings Superabsorbent Wound Dressings for Highly Exuding Wounds

    Flivasorb Dressings- Superabsorbent Wound Dressings for highly exuding wounds

    Flivasorb Dressings have super absorbent properties as they can absorb twice as much as any other dressing. They are non-adherent and retain the high exudate, including high levels of harmful protease enzymes that are carried in chronic wound exudate. The Flivasorb Dressings are available at Wound-Care in two different categories to treat and cure all highly exuding wounds such as ulcers, lymphorrhoea, etc.

    Flivasorb Dressings

    What are Flivasorb Dressings?

    The superabsorbent Flivasorb Dressings consist of a flexible and non-adherent wound layer along with polyacrylate/cellulose core and breathable polypropylene outer layer. The sodium polyacrylate superabsorber particles and cellulose lock away exudate and bacteria. With an outer white wound contact layer and blue outer-clothing protection layer, these dressings do not require any additional fixation. These dressings are available in two types:

      • Flivasorb Dressings- As this dressing has a very high absorption capacity, the patient does not require to change their dressings often. Comprising a non-adherent polyethylene wound contact layer with a sodium polyacrylate particles absorbent core and a cellulose that form a gel on contact with exudate, this dressing can be used under compression. Flivasorb Dressings are ideal for use on heavily exuding wounds like ulcer, laparotomy wounds, etc.
      • Flivasorb Adhesive Dressings- Flivasorb Adhesive Dressings consist of an adhesive border and hence require no additional fixation. The dressing is quite similar to a normal flivasorb dressing, but is particularly useful for difficult-to-dress anatomical areas that require secondary fixation, for example sacrum and groin.

    Benefits of Flivasorb Dressings

      • The superabsorbent capacity to absorb and retain wound exudate.
      • Gel formation traps unwanted components of the exudate such as bacteria, proteases, and inflammatory mediators within the dressing.
      • The dressings can be used to excellent effect under compression bandages and prevents the wound margins from maceration, thereby promoting wound healing.
      • Absorbent core with super absorber, which can absorb up to 20 times weight, thereby providing an extended wear time. Hence, saving cost and time with fewer dressing changes.
      • Reduces the risk of adhering to the wound and comes with clothing protection.

    Where to use Flivasorb Dressings?

      • The Flivasorb Dressings are suitable to be used on moderate to high exuding wounds like leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, laparotomy wounds, superficial and partial-thickness burns and post-operative wounds healing by secondary intention.
      • The dressings can also be applied in the case of lymphorrhoea and leaky legs.
      • The dressings are safe to use under compression.

    Where not to use Flivasorb Dressings?

      • The Flivasorb Dressings are not suitable for lightly exuding wounds
      • Avoid using these as a primary dressing on tracking fistulae or deep tunneling wounds.

    Precautions to be taken before using Flivasorb Dressings

      • Do not cut or tear the Flivasorb Dressings.
      • Do not use alone on infected wounds, but in conjunction with an antimicrobial dressing

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  • Duoderm Dressing- An ideal Dressing for non-infected wounds

    Duoderm Dressing is a Hydrocolloid Dressing that contains gel-forming agents held within an adhesive compound laminated in place on a foam or film. This is an advanced wound dressing that resembles an absorbent, flexible wafer typically both waterproof and self-adhering. The aim of this type of dressing is to provide a moist healing environment and insulation while using the body’s own moisture and enzymes to keep the wound bed hydrated for proper wound healing.

    What are Duoderm Dressings?

    Duoderm Dressing is a commonly used Hydrocolloid Dressing for treating bed sores, generally known as pressure sores, pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers. Duoderm dressings exhibit gel-like properties which absorb excretions from the wound to protect the its debris and eliminate all infection causing bacteria.

    These are available in two types:

    Duoderm extra thin Dressings: It is a Hydrocosilloid Dressinng that can be used anywhere on the body to gently protect newly-formed tissue or skin at risk of breakdown. It is available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Duoderm Extra Thin Dressing can be used as a primary or secondary dressing. Its thin design makes the dressing flexible, conformable and comfortable.

    Duoderm Signal Dressings: It is an adhesive, tapered edge, modern Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing with a change indicator, that signals when it is time for a dressing change. The adhesive hydrocolloid matrix and the outer film on Duoderm Signal dressing is permeable by moisture vapor and provides an occlusive barrier against bacteria, viruses, dirt and water. Duoderm Signal Dressing is indicated for the management of light to moderately exuding wounds.

    Benefits of Duoderm Dressing:

    Minimal disruption to healing: Duoderm Dressings do not need to be changed as often as other types of wound dressings. New dressing only needs to be applied every 3-7 days, which leaves the wound undisturbed for long. This also makes these type of dressings more cost effective.

    Impervious to bacteria: Duoderm Dressings significantly lowers the risk of infection because they are impervious to bacteria. The thin polyurethane film provides a bacterial and viral barrier. Also, they are waterproof, allowing patients to proceed with normal bathing.

    Adheres only to intact skin: Duoderm Dressings do not adhere to the wound, only to the skin surrounding it. This helps keep newly healed skin intact. Moisture is generated beneath the dressing to promote healing and prevent the breakdown of tissue. In addition, the dressings does not traumatize the skin when removed.

    Simple to apply: Versatile, easy to use and are suitable for managing different stages of wound healing and multiple wound types in a protocol of care.

    Where to use Duoderm Dressings:

    Not all wounds are similar, nor are their origins, hence it becomes extremely important to know where a Duodrem dressing can be used and where not.

    • Clean wounds which are free from dirt or outside bacteria. Since Duoderm dressings provide a barrier for the wound against outside bacteria, a clean wound will likely to stay free of infection when placed under this type of bandage.
    • It is perfect for protection over areas which have recently healed from surface trauma. The Duoderm dressings are also self-adhesive and mold according to the type of wound.
    • These dressings are best used on dry wounds, since the dressing provides a somewhat moist healing environment. If the wound produces a lot of exudate then the dressing might become loose .
    • Can be used over pressure ulcers and venous leg ulcers. Duoderm dressing might also be used over granular wounds, partial and full-thickness wounds, necrotic wounds, minor burns, venous insufficiency ulcers.

    Precautionary Measure To Be Taken:

    There are several situations in which these dressings should not be used:

    Heavily draining or actively bleeding wounds: Duoderm Dressings absorb fluids slowly, thus they should not be used on wounds which are producing fluid very quickly.

    Infected wounds:  Although these dressings can help to prevent infection, they should not be used on wounds that are already infected due to their occlusive property.

    Hyper granulation: These Dressings have been associated with the formation of granulation tissue, therefore, its use should be discontinued if there is any sign of hyper granulation in a wound.

    Poor skin integrity: These Dressings are strongly adherent due to their adhesive backings, thus they should not be used on patients with fragile skin.

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  • Allevyn Ag Dressings – Ideal Solution To Chronic Wounds

    Managing wounds that are at a risk of infection is very vital. Infected wounds are likely to be more painful, hypersensitive and odorous, resulting in increased discomfort for the patient. Allevyn Ag Dressings have been specifically designed to manage exudate in chronic wounds that are at risk of infection or for wounds where a suspected increase in bacterial colonization is delaying healing of the wound.

    What are Allevyn Ag Dressings?

    Allevyn Ag dressings are the Hydrocellular Dressing designed to provide exudate management and bacterial barrier properties for chronic wounds. Allevyn Ag Dressings combine the properties of allevyn with the anti-microbial activity of silver. The dressings are comfortable for patients, conform to body contours and are easy to apply.

    Allevyn Ag Dressings

    The dressings are available in three types:

    Allevyn Ag Adhesive dressing: Allevyn Ag Adhesive Dressing is an adhesive polyurethane, foam dressing with silver for added antimicrobial activity. It is indicated for exudate absorption and the management of partial to full thickness wounds such as pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, 1st and 2nd degree burns, donor sites and surgical wounds.

    Allevyn Ag Non-Adhesive dressing: Allevyn Ag Non-Adhesive is an absorbent antimicrobial three layer dressing consisting of a SSD (Silver Sulfadiazine) containing absorbent hydro-cellular pad sandwiched between a perforated non adherent wound contact layer and a waterproof outer film. The dressing provides an effective barrier to microbial contamination, protecting the wound from invasive pathogenic micro-organisms, thus assisting a faster healing. SSD is effective against micro-organisms present in the dressing and in the wound. In the presence of exudate the dressing will help maintain a moist wound environment.

    Allevyn Ag Gentle Border Dressing: Allevyn Ag Gentle Border Dressing is a hydrocellular, combines an absorbent hydro-cellular foam pad with silver sulphadiazine, sandwiched between a perforated soft silicone adhesive wound contact layer and a highly permeable waterproof outer film. Allevyn Ag Gentle Border is suitable for use on fragile skin.

    Benefits of using Allevyn Ag Dressings

    • Reduced risk: Allevyn Ag dressings significantly lowers the risk of infection because they are impervious to bacteria. The thin polyurethane film provides a bacterial and viral barrier and it also removes some barriers to healing, allowing the host to regain control and progress the wound to closure. They reduce the risk of excess fluid at the wound site, excess wound fluid is transpired away more quickly.
    • Easy to apply: Allevyn Ag Dressings are versatile, easy to use and are suitable for managing different stages of wound healing and multiple wound types in a protocol of care. Also the dressings keeps nerve endings moist, which helps to provide relief from discomfort.
    • Greater self-reliance: Allevyn Ag Adhesive offers an all-in-one solution -no need for secondary retention. It provides a convenient, efficient, cost effective solution for wound management.
    • Improved mood: Top film of the Allevyn Ag Dressing switches to become more breathable in the presence of fluid, therefore it responds, when the clinician needs it most. It protects from leakage, promotes rapid wound closure and reduces the risk of maceration.
    • Enhanced confidence: It is waterproof, conformable and comfortable and is also a low allergy adhesive.
    • Minimal disruption to healing: Allevyn Ag Dressing does not need to be changed as often as other types of wound dressings as it has longer absorption capacity. New dressing only needs to be applied every 5-7 days, which leaves the wound undisturbed for longer period.
    • Minimal pain upon removal: Allevyn Ag Dressing prevents healing tissue from growing into the dressing minimizing pain on removal.


    Precautionary measure to be taken:

    • If reddening or sensitization occurs, discontinue using the dressing.
    • Allevyn Ag dressing is not compatible with oxidizing agents as these can break down the absorbent polyurethane component of the dressing. It may also not be may not be compatible with topical anti-microbials and oil-based products.
    • Contact with electrodes or conductive gels during electronic measurements, e.g. EEG and ECG should be avoided.
    • As with all products containing silver sulfadiazine the following precautions should be noted, especially when covering a large surface area with the dressing:
    • Use caution in patients with significant hepatic or renal impairment.
    • Use caution in individuals known to have glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.
    • Effects of systemically administered drugs may be altered. This can especially apply to oral hypoglycaemic agents and to phenytoin.
  • Aquacel Dressings- Primary Wound Dressing for Cavities and Larger Open Wounds

    Aquacel Dressings has great absorbency properties and hence easily absorbs the wound fluids thereby becoming a soft gel. This dressing is available both as a `ribbon' for packing cavities, and as a flat non-woven pad to apply on larger open wounds. Aquacel Dressings are extra strong, impregnated with silver and are available in different sizes at wound care for curing all your infected wounds.

    aquacel dressings, aquacel extra dressings

    What are Aquacel Dressings?

    Wound care presents to you a wide range of Aquacel Dressings which are composed of hydro fiber that helps in absorbing all the wound fluid. These are also useful for improving the adhesion of the dressing and other tapes. This is ideal for use on moderate to highly exuding wounds. The extra strength helps in easy removal. The even distribution of ionic silver permits antimicrobial activity. The silver deeper within acts as a reservoir to provide sustained silver availability.

    There are different kinds of Aquacel Dressings. These are as follows:

    1) Aquacel Dressings- These are non-woven hydro fiber composed dressings that take the shape of a soft gel on absorption of wound fluids, thereby absorbing the exudate and bacteria. Providing a moist wound healing environment, the Aquacel dressings are suitable for use on leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers etc.

    2) Aquacel Ag Dressings- Impregnated with ionic silver, the hydro fiber in them releases the silver in a controlled manner. This type of dressing is suitable for use on exuding wounds which are at risk of infection.

    3) Aquacel Extra Dressings- With 9 times greater strength, these have better absorbing properties than regular Aquacel dressings. Available with impregnated silver these are suitable to use on infected wounds.

    4) Aquacel Ag Extra Dressings- This combines the strength of normal Aquacel dressing with new Ag+ technology that destroys wound Biofilm and kills infection causing bacteria.

    5) Aquacel Ag+ Extra Dressings- these are anti-microbial and manage the 3 key barriers to healing, which are- exudate, biofilm and infection. Comprised of 2 layer of Hydro fiber Technology, this dressing is 9 times stronger and 50% more absorbent than standard Aquacel Dressings.

    Benefits of Aquacel Dressings:-

    • The gel formation supports non-traumatic dressing removal, providing moist wound healing environment.
    • The aquacel dressingsalso control the exudate level and prevent maceration.
    • Reduces any kind of cross-contamination on removal of dressing.
    • The absorbent foam pads have excellent absorption and retention properties and are conformable too.
    • The dressing is helpful in balancing the inflammatory and also has a waterproof top layer that prevents evaporation of excess moisture.

    Where to use Aquacel Dressings?

    • The Aquacel Dressingsare suitable to be used on leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, surgical wounds and traumatic wounds.
    • Available in 'ribbon' shape this can also be used for packing cavities and as a flat non-woven pad for applying on larger open wounds.

    Where not to use Aquacel Dressings?

    • In case you have any kind of allergic reaction to the dressing, then avoid using it.
    • This dressing comes with a strengthening fiber. You can discontinue the use of this dressing if you are sensitive to the dressing or its components.

    Precautions to be taken before using Aquacel Dressings

    • Deep wounds should be filled with the dressing by no more than 80% as the dressing will swell as it absorbs the fluid.
    • If the wound bed is dry then the Aquacel dressingsshould be moistened with sterile saline over the wound area.
    • The dressing should be changed when it is full with wound fluid or when there is too much of bleeding and even when there is increased pain.

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  • Algivon Dressings- An Ideal Dressing for Infected Wounds

    The Algivon Dressings are made of Manuka Honey and are ideal for wet wounds as these have a capacity to absorb and so the honey present in these dressings stays at and around the wound site for longer. These are available in ribbon shapes as well for ease of use on cavity wounds. For more details about this effective wound care product, get in touch with us at Wound Care.

    algivon dressings

    What are Algivon Dressings?

    Made of Alginate fibers with 100% Manuka Honey these Algivon Dressings enable sustained and slower release of honey present in them.

    These are available in two types:

    • Algivon Dressings- Containing 100% Manuka Honey, these are suitable for wounds that have low or moderate exuding property. The alginate fibers help in gradual release of honey and is effective for all infected, surgical wounds etc. Maintains the healing environment and possess anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties.
    • Algivon plus Dressings- These are reinforced in order to maintain the integrity of the dressing and are available in ribbon shape providing an ease to be used on cavity wounds. Like any other Algivon dressings, it consists Manuka Honey and have the ability to absorb the exudate.

    Benefits of Algivon Dressings

    • Made of Alginate Fibers- This helps in gradual release of honey present in these dressings and so keeps the dressing soft and conformable, thereby reducing pain sensation experienced by patients.
    • Osmotic Effect- The Algivon Dressings draws away all the harmful tissues away from the wound site.
    • Slow Ability to absorb Exudate- Honey does not get washed away with the exudate from the wound site.
    • Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory- It is non-cytotoxic and as it has low concentrations of Advancis Manuka honey it maintains it's anti-microbial properties.
    • Maintains Clean and moist environment- This facilitates faster healing of chronic wounds.

    Where to use Algivon Dressings?

    • Algivon dressings are ideal for cavity related wounds.
    • These are beneficial for use on infected and surgical wounds. Also, helpful in curing wounds for people suffering from diabetic ulcers, for burns, graft sites and fungating tumors.
    • Debriding and de-sloughing large areas of necrotic and sloughy tissue too is achieved by using Algivon Dressings.

    Where not to use Algivon Dressings?

    • Sugar patients should take precautions while using Algivon Dressings. Due to acidification of honey, the dressing can cause pain in the patients.

    Precautions to be taken before using Algivon Dressings

    • Algivon Dressings should be stored at room temperature as otherwise these dressings have a tendency of solidifying in cold temperatures and become more liquid in warm temperature.
    • In case the dressing has become hard, try rubbing it by keeping it between your hands so that it softens before being applied on the wound.
    • Keep it the Fridge in case the dressing becomes too liquid. However, this should be only for few minutes so that it does not harden
    • If you suffer from Diabetes, closely monitor the blood sugar level, as due to the acidification of honey, many patients can experience pain. is the leading online retailer for medical dressings, including different types of Algivon dressings. Visit our online portal to purchase the Algivon Dressings.

  • Actiformcool Dressings- Definite Solution for Painful Wounds

    Actiformcool dressings are non-adhesive dressing which acts according to the wound type. These ionic hydrogel sheet dressings absorb and releases fluid, depending on the moisture level of the wound, in order to maintain the moisture level required for the healing of the wound. This sensitive dressing is permeable to water vapour thereby creating optimal conditions for wound healing. In order to know more about Actiformcool Dressings, get in touch with Wound Care. We assure to keep you updated with the eclectic range of dressings and other health solutions for quick recoveries.

    What are Actiformcool Dressings?

    Actiformcool dressings are dressings that consist hydrogel solution and are beneficial for all kinds of painful wounds. These are ideal for use on moderate to highly exuding wounds. These are non-adhesive, but as these are made of hydrogel, the water content is high and is permeable to water vapour, gases and small protein molecules. However, these do not let any kind of bacteria to creep into the wounds. Consisting low sensitizing preservatives, these create a moist environment on the surface of the wound, thus expediting the healing process. Also, these are safe to use on neonates.

    actiformcool dressings Benefits of Actiformcool Dressings

    a) Permeable- As these permeate water vapour, gases and small protein molecules, the Actiformcool dressings fasten the recovery period.
    b) Hydrogel Solution- The ionic hydrogel sheets provide a moist environment on the wound surface and can both absorb and release fluids depending on the wound type.
    c) Safe to Use on Neonates-Though these are permeable, but Actiformcool dressings do not permeate any kind of bacteria and being low in preservatives are safe to use on infants too.
    d) Cures a wide range of wounds- Not only burns and scalds, but these dressings reduce the amount of oral analgesia and Manages Nociceptive wound pains.

    Where to use Actiformcool Dressings?

    a) Suitable for use on dry, necrotic wounds to rehydrate the wound and provide a moist healing environment.
    b) Helpful in providing relief to all painful wounds and skin conditions such as leg ulcers, radiation therapy damage, pressure necrosis and exposed tendons, burns and scalds.

    These can be used on nociceptive pains and also reduces the amount of oral analgesia.

    a) Actiformcool dressings are safe to use on babies.
    b) Can be used with secondary dressings wherever required.
    c) Can be used on infected wounds as long as the patient is receiving systemic antibiotics.

    Where not to use Actiformcool Dressings?

    a) These should not be used as a covering for deep, narrow cavities or sinuses.
    b) Do not use on patients sensitive to any of the components of the dressing.
    c) Not suitable for highly exuding wounds where there is danger of maceration to the surrounding skin.

    Precautions to be taken before using Actiformcool Dressings.

    a) Actiformcool Dressings should be stored in dry conditions and should be protected from direct sunlight.
    b) In case of any kind of irritation, consult a medical professional.
    c) Change your dressing if it turns opaque or discoloured.

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  • Manuka Honey Dressings – A Complete Solution Shallow and Infected Wounds

    Manuka Honey Dressings are a fairly recently launched product in the wound care industry. These dressings have an active ingredient of manuka oil and honey that combats infection and boosts the process of healing. These dressings provide a moist environment to the wound and completely protects it. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the manuka honey dressings give complete protection to the wound and reduce pain. The combination of manuka oil and honey is perfect for healing various wounds like shallow, infected or cavity.

    What are Manuka Honey Dressings?

    Manuka Honey Dressings consists of a light viscose mesh with 100% medical grade Manuka honey. They have fast healing properties while they provide a moist environment to the wound. Also, the Manuka Honey Dressings eliminate wound odour. These dressings are suitable to use for shallow wounds, burns, infected wounds, cavity wounds, pressure ulcers, leg ulcers and diabetic ulcers.

    Manuka Honey Dressings,Activon Tulle Dressings

    Activon Tulle is a leading Manuka honey dressings consisting of a knitted viscose mesh with medical grade Manuka honey.

    Benefits of Manuka Honey Dressings 

    1. Anti-inflammatory Properties:
    The Manuka honey dressings have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that give an excellent protection on the infected area and make them safe to use by reducing swelling and pain.

    2. Anti-oxidant Properties:
    The anti-oxidant properties of the Manuka honey dressings nourish the wounded skin and promote quick healing process.

    3. Rich Source of Vitamins and Minerals:
    The Manuka honey dressings contain natural ingredients like vitamins, minerals and amino acid that promotes the growth of new skin cells.

    4. Fast Healing Process:
    These dressings are way better than synthetic bandages as they allow the skin to breathe and speeds up the process of cellular regeneration and wound healing.

    5. Reduces the Risk of Scaring:
    The presence of honey in these dressings provide quick healing and reduces the risk of scarring from cuts, burns and other superficial wounds.

    Where to use Manuka honey Dressings?

    The Manuka honey Dressings gently protect the wound, promote quick healing and allow the passage for exudate. They are often used for shallow wounds, infected wounds, cavity wounds, burns, pressure ulcers, leg ulcers and diabetic ulcers.

    Where not to use Manuka Honey Dressings?

    1. The Manuka honey dressings are not advised to use in places where it may cause allergic reaction, especially people who are allergic to bees.

    2. They are not advised to use for infants under 12 months of age.

    3. These dressings should not be used with chemotherapy drugs as they may cause some reaction.

    Precautions to be taken before using Manuka Honey Dressings

    Few precautions to be taken before using the manuka honey dressings are as follow:

    a) Ensure patient is not sensitive to manuka or honey.

    b) Contains glucose-moniter levels in patients with diabetes is amongst the leading supplier of various types of Manuka Honey dressings. Visit our online portal to purchase the Manuka Honey Dressings

  • Mepilex Border Dressings - The all-in one Dressing for Versatile Wound Care

    Mepilex® Border is an all-in-one foam dressing that is suitable for a wide range of exuding acute and chronic wounds. It maintains a moist wound-healing environment and effectively absorbs and retains exudate.

    The Safetec® Layer seals the wound edges, preventing exudate from leaking onto the surrounding skin and minimizes risk of maceration. The Safetec® layer also ensures that the dressing can be changed without damaging the surrounding skin and minimizes pain and trauma at dressing changes. The dressing can also be re-positioned if necessary.

    mepilex border dressings

    Mepilex® Border Dressings are available in a wide range of sizes making them the ideal solution for a wide array of wounds  including those located on awkward areas such as elbows, ankles and knees.

    Mepilex® Border can also be used to prevent pressure ulcers . They have been proven to act on factors leading to the formation of pressure ulcers by

    • Redistributing shear
    • Redistributing pressure
    • Reducing friction
    • Maintaining an optimal wound environment

    Benefits of Mepilex® Border

    • Self Adherent
    • Does nor adhere to the wound
    • Minimal pain and trauma during dressing changes
    • Maintains a moist wound healing environment
    • Can be used under compression bandages
    • Can remain in place for up to 7 days depending on wound condition

    Areas of Use

    Mepilex® Border is suitable for use on a wide range of exuding wounds such as

    • Pressure Ulcers
    • Leg and Foot ulcers
    • Traumatic wounds eg skin tears
    • Proctecting new tattoos
    • Surgical wounds

    Mepilex® border is available to purchase online in a wide range of sizes and Worldwide delivery from

  • All about Hydrogel Dressings

    Hydrogels have been a vital part of wound care for over 30 years. They have proved to be popular as they are easy to use , comfortable and cost effective and because of their high water content are unlikely to adhere to the wound.

    hydrogel dressings, hydrogel wound dressings, aquaform hydrogel dressings

    Hydrogel is a universal term for materials that are able to absorb water and expand without dissolving.  They have an extremely high water content ( up to 96% ).

    Indications for Use

    Hydrogels are ideally suited for the treatment of dry wounds , providing a moist healing environment and assisting in the debridement of necrotic tissue. Debridement is an essential step in the management of chronic wounds as a failure to remove necrotic tissue inhibits healing by providing an environment for bacterial growth , chronic inflammation and impeding re-epithelialisation.  Hydrogels are able to rehydrate the wound and facilitate autolytic debridement.

    Hydrogels provide a soothing and cooling effect on application. They have successfully used on burns, pressure ulcers, cavity wounds , diabetic foot ulcers and radiotherapy burns. ActiformCool dressings have been demonstrated to reduce leg ulcer pain
    Hydrogel dressings are generally applied for 1-3 days and should be changed on a regular basis.


    Hydrogels are not considered suitable for use on highly exuding wounds and are also inadvisable for use on infected wounds.

    Hydrogel Presentations

    Hydrogels are available tubes of gel, or as a sheet or as gels impregnated into a dressing material. At Wound-care , we stock an extensive range of Hydrogels eg.

    a) Intrasite Gel
    b) Aquaform Hydrogel
    c) Intrasite Gel
    d) Nu-Gel
    e) ActiformCool
    f) Purilon gel
    g) Hydrosorb

  • Decoding the Use of Silver Dressings in the World of Wound Care

    The wound care industry market brings forth a perfect blend of standard and evolving solutions, because of their targeted patrons. The marketplace of wound care dressings is rather exhaustive, with ample of options. However, few types of dressings are acknowledged as a global favourite. Silver dressings are one such classic example. Being comprehensively enriched with a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity, these silver dressings acts efficiently on multiple bacterial sites. Available in a range of formulations, including ointments, creams, and dressings impregnated with silver-releasing compounds or elemental silver, these silver dressings have witnessed a constant evolution. These dressings are widely adopted in a range of healthcare settings.

    Silver Dressings
    Let’s dig deeper in the niche of Silver dressings and understand what these dressings are, how to select them, and what precautions are to be considered while using them.

    A Brief Synopsis of Silver Dressings

    Silver Dressings are recognized as a potent anti-microbial, which are designed to treat and prevent wound infections. These dressings have silver ions as an active agent that effectively kills microbes rapidly as bacteria have a natural affinity for silver.

    What is the Major Role of the Silver Dressings?

    The major role of these antimicrobial dressings is:
    a) To act as an antimicrobial barrier for acute or chronic wounds at re-infection or high risk of infection
    b) To decrease bioburden in acute or chronic wounds that are being prevented from healing by microorganisms

    Where to use Silver Dressings?

    Silver dressings are confined for wounds where an excessive wound bioburden is delaying healing or infection has already established. You can use these dressings on acute wounds, chronic wounds and systemic infection.

    When not to use Silver Dressings?

    There are some situations where silver dressings must not be used. Here are few of them:
    a) Small wounds that are at low risk of infection
    b) When patient is sensitive to silver
    c) When women are lactating or pregnant
    d) In the absence of signs of localised
    e) When wounds are being treated with enzymatic debridement

    How to choose Silver Dressings?
    a) Patient preference
    b) Volume of exudate
    c) Condition of skin
    d) Location of wound
    e) Use under compression
    f) Presence of infection
    g) Basis of familiarity and availability

    Tips for Using Silver Dressings

    a) Conduct a complete assessment of the wound, environment, as well as patient to ensure whether it is appropriate to use or not.
    b) Document the rationale in patient's healthcare records prior using a silver dressing
    c) Choose the dressing on the basis of wound and patient needs
    d) Initially take a two week challenge on infected wound
    e) Regular review to ensure if it is working or not efficiently on the wound
    f) Strictly follow manufacturer's instructions while using it
    g) Say no to SSD Dressings for patients sensitive to sulfonamide antibiotics

    Precautions to be considered
    Some of the precautions to be taken while using the silver dressings are as follow:

    a) Ensure patient is not sensitive to any additives or agents in silver
    b) Read precaution/warning on product before applying
    c) Don’t use it prior to magnetic resonance imaging

    Silver Dressings are the most effective options to heal acute to chronic infection. Improve the patient quality of life with these antimicrobial dressings. Silver dressings are available in combination with Alginates, Foams and Hydrocolloids. is a reputed supplier of Silver Dressings which efficiently heal and protect your wound from further infection. Explore our online destination to buy these dressings in different sizes as per your preferences.

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