• Secure Your Dressings with Hypoallergenic Clinipore Latex Free Tape

    Clinipore tape is permeable and is designed for use by both patients and medical professionals. It is a permeable non-woven synthetic adhesive tape that conforms to drug tariff specifications. Hypoallergenic in nature, this dressing is Latex-free, easy to tear. Besides, it is comfortable to use that makes it ideal for securing dressings on awkward areas of the body.

    Key Benefits of Using Clinipore Tape

    Hypoallergenic and Latex-free tape

    • Easy to use even when gloves are on

    • Easy to tear

    • Very comfortable with high-durability

    • Suitable for application on moist skin

    • Ideal for buddy strapping to immobilise finger or toes

    • Available in 1.2cm, 2.50cm and 5.0cm width sizes

    When to use Clinipore Tape

    • Keeping dressing in place.

    • Securing ostomy appliances.

    • Fastening lightweight tubing

    • Taping over fragile and sensitive skin.

    Clinipore and a wide range of other Surgical tapes are available for

    purchase at www.wound-care.co.uk

  • Viscopaste PB7 Bandage

    What is the Viscopate PB7 Bandage?

    The Viscopaste PB7 is a Zinc Oxide Paste infused open-weave bandage. It is most commonly used in the treatment of Venous Leg ulcers and helps to manage chronic eczema or dermatitis where occlusion is indicated.

    What are the Features of Viscopaste PB7 bandage?

    • It is easy to apply
    • Helps moisturize the skin and reduces further scratching
    • It does not dry out easily
    • The bandage helps in maintaining a moist healing environment
    • It is infused with zinc oxide paste for better healing of the ulcers
    • This occlusive bandage increases absorption

    What is it Used for?

    VISCOPASTE PB7 Bandage is used in the treatment of leg ulcers and chronic eczema or dermatitis.

    What Precautions to Take?

    • VISCOPASTE PB7 can be used under sustained compression bandaging, only after assessing if the patient does not have any arterial disease.
    • Care should be taken if applying any creams or ointments under the bandage , as their absorption may be significantly increased.
    • It is essential to exclude arterial disease as reduced arterial flow can result in pressure necrosis, amputation or even death of the patient.
    • Can cause hypersensitivity reactions and should be used with caution.
    • Not to be used if infection is present.
    • A tubular bandage should be used over the top of the Viscopaste bandage to stop the paste soiling clothing.

    Viscopaste PB7 bandage is available in 7.5cm width and 6m length.

    Available to purchase online at www.wound-care.co.uk

  • Dress Your Wounds Right with Woundcare Dressings

    Woundcare offers a one-stop online solution for all medical needs of a patient, whether it is various types of dressings, surgical tapes, or medical gels that are needed to treat any superficial wounds, abrasions, burns, etc.

    What is Meant by Dressings?

    Dressings make up as an integral part of the wound healing or treatment process. The purpose of a bandage is to keep the treating gel or ointment in place, hence are not in direct contact with the wound or injury. However, dressings are in direct contact with the wound or the necrotic tissue.

    What is the function of Dressings?

    • By being in direct contact with the wound, some dressings are able to absorb the exudate from the wounds.
    • While some dressings release a gel that helps in healing the wound faster.
    • It prevents the wound from getting affected by any infections or bacteria.

    What are Dressings meant to treat?

    There are a number of wounds, cuts, or abrasions that one can get while doing things in their daily routine along with the risk of getting burnt or contracting a venous disease. In this case, dressings help heal cuts, abrasions, lacerations, burns, varicose veins, leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, etc. Different types of dressings are meant to treat different types of wounds. Some are meant for treating low to moderately exudating wounds while others are meant for absorbing high levels of exudate from the wound.

    Types of Dressings available at Wound-care:

    • Acticoat, ActiFormCool, Actilite, Actisorb, Activon,
    • Adaptic Touch Dressings
    • Advadraw, Advazorb
    • Algosteril, Algisite, Algivon
    • Allevyn, Alleyn Gentle, Allevyn Ag
    • Alldress, Aquacel, Aquacel Foam, Aquaform Gel
    • Atrauman,
    • Bactigras, Biatain,
    • C-view, Carboflex,
    • Cica-care, Cilguard,
    • Comfeel Plus, Cosmopore,
    • Cutimed, Cutinova Hydro, Cutisorb Ultra
    • Debrisoft, Duoderm, Durafiber,
    • Granuflax, etc. among a great range of dressings

    May this information about dressings help you in choosing the one that suits best for treating your injury or wound.

  • UrgoSorb Silver Dressings

    What Are UrgoSorb Silver Dressings?

    The alginate Silver Dressings are non-woven, sterile, and highly absorbent dressings, having antimicrobial properties and MRSA. It absorbs the exudate and pus from the wounds, which in turn leads the alginate to form a gel aiding autolytic debridement. Autolysis is the process that uses the bodys enzymes and moisture that rehydrates and soften the wound tissues. Whereas debridement liquefies only the necrotic tissue, it is a relatively painless process.

    What Makes These Dressings Special?

    The Urgosorb Silver dressings are made with calcium alginate fibres, hydrocolloid and contain silver particles which are gradually released after the alginate gel forms, to control and prevent infections, if any. The dressing has haemostatic properties, which makes it suitable for the treatment of moderately to heavily exuding wounds or infected areas.

    These dressings prove to be effective barriers to penetration by micro-organisms.

    What Wounds is the Urgosorb Silver Dressing Indicated For?

    1. It assists in containing and supporting minor bleeding from superficial wounds on the body.
    2. These dressings are indicated for use on moderate to heavily exuding wounds with the partially fully thick wound.
    3. The wounds it is suitable for include:
    • Post-surgical wounds
    • Pressure ulcers
    • Leg ulcers
    • Diabetic ulcers
    • Trauma wounds, such as dermal lesions, traumatic injuries, incisions, etc.
    • Graft or donor sites on the body
    • Cavity wounds
    • Superficial and partially thick burns
    1. The Urgosorb silver dressings can be used under simple compression bandages to hold in place and not let any exudate escape.
    2. These dressings are indicated to be used for external wounds only.

    What Precautions to Take?

    • If used on dry or very less exudating wounds, there is a chance that the dressing may adhere. In that case, moisten it with a sterile saline solution before removing the dressing.
    • In the case of clinical infection, the silver ions do not help in replacing the need for systematic therapy or whatever adequate infection treatment is required.

    Urgosorb Siver dressings are available in three different sizes as well as a Rope dressing for deep cavity wounds. Available for purchase from www.wound-care.co.uk

  • Tegaderm Dressings Defence against External Contamination

    Tegaderm Dressing is a kind of dressing that is available in a variety of shapes and forms. It provides a sterile barrier against external contamination. It helps the patient stay active with its flexible application that allows for greater patient comfort. This dressing is transparent that allows for continuous visibility to the site.

    What is Tegaderm Dressing?

    Tegaderm Dressings are the kind of transparent dressings that act as a barrier to external contaminants and protects the I.V. Catheter site and wounds from getting infections. They stay securely on the skin and maintain a moist environment for quicker healing. These breathable healings protect the wounds against bacteria, viruses and other bodily fluids. The transparent build lets you have a constant look at the healing of your wound and catheter site.


    Benefits of Tegaderm Dressings

    • Comfortable dressing that flexes with the skin for patient comfort
    • Comes in unique shapes and design for I.V. and wounds
    • Provides a sterile barrier from external contaminants
    • Holds catheters and other devices in place

    Where to use the Tegaderm Dressings?

    • For covering and protecting I.V. Catheter sites
    • Can be put on chronic and acute wounds
    • On superficial partial-thickness burns
    • Stage I or II pressure ulcers
    • Can be used on Protected eyelid coverings

    Where not to use the Tegaderm Dressings?

    • Do not apply to an area that is bleeding
    • Not to be on a dirty and residue-free wound
    • Not to be used by people with sensitive skin

    Precautions to be taken while using Tegaderm Dressings

    • The dressing should be changed 10-15 days
    • Should not be used as a replacement for sutures


    At Wound-Care you can take a look at the wide assortments of Tegaderm Dressings. Visit our website for knowing more about effective healthcare and medical aid. We have the best quality of products available.

  • Cutimed Alginate Dressings - The Safe Way to Protect Your Wounds

    The Alginate Dressings are dressings made out of natural seaweed. They are useful for covering moderate to heavily exuding wounds and shallow wounds of all kinds that are hard to dress. It helps the patient be as active as possible while its wet integrity enables rapid changes in the dressing while causing minimal discomfort to the patient.

    What is Cutimed Alginate Dressing?

    The Cutimed Alginate Dressing is a type of wound dressing that falls under the category of Alginate dressing. These dressings provide moist wound healing by maintaining a humid environment around the wound. These dressings come with haemostatic properties that release calcium ion when the dressing comes in contact with body fluids. It helps clean the wound bacteria that by trapping the bacteria in the gel formed by exudate and then removes them when the dressing is changed.

    Benefits of Cutimed Alginate Dressing

    • Easy to cut that can exactly fit the wound size
    • Holds high integrity when wet
    • Comes off easily from the wound
    • Maintains a moist environment around the wound
    • Fast gelling and highly absorbent
    • Retains exudates in a gel form
    • Hold excellent integrity when wet


    Where to use the Cutimed Alginate Dressing?

    • Ideally used on moderate to heavily to exuding wounds
    • Can also be applied on lesions with rough edges
    • Used on chronic wounds such as ulcers
    • Can be put on acute would like abrasions and lacerations


    Where not to use Cutimed Alginate Dressing?

    • Should not be used for wounds which are bleeding heavily
    • Should not be used on wounds that have exposed blood vessels


    Precautions to be taken while using Cutimed Alginate Dressing

    • Should be changed after a maximum of 7 days unless the exudate capacity is reached
    • Do not let the dressing stick to the skin
    • Watch for irritation or damage


    At Wound-Care, you can explore a wide variety of wound dressings. Check our official website for more information about providing the best care to your wounds and ailments. Take a step towards proving yourself with the right medical aid and health care.

  • Granuflex Border Dressings Keep your Wounds Clean and Safe

    The Granuflex Border dressings have a combination of unique hydrocolloid formula with an adhesive foam border suitable to use on low to moderately exuding wounds in hard to dress areas. It is used for pressure ulcers of stage I to IV and minor abrasions and lacerations.

    What is a Granuflex Border Dressing?

    Granuflex Border dressing is a dressing that has hydrocolloid and moisture-retentive qualities that are used for partial and full-thickness wounds with exudate. The moist environment it creates around the wound helps it heal quicker. The hydrocolloid composition forms a cohesive gel when it comes in contact with the wound and therefore supports moist wound healing. This dressing aids in the cost-effective healing of wounds at home.


    Benefits of Granuflex Border Dressings

    • Supports a moist healing environment to the wound
    • Provides a barrier against bacteria and viruses
    • Keeps nerve ending moist that relieves discomfort and pain
    • Easy to apply and remove formula


    Where to use the Granuflex Border Dressings?

    • Can be used on Chronic wounds like pressure ulcers (stage I to IV)
    • Can also be used on acute wounds like traumatic wounds and minor abrasions


    Where not to use Granuflex Border Dressings?

    • In case of infection around the wound
    • In case of the wound having any sort of ointment layer over it


    Precautions to be taken while using Granuflex Border Dressings?

    • Should be used under medical supervision
    • Not to be used in case of an anaerobic infection
    • Can result in hyper granulation and allergic reactions
    • In case of excess exudate, choose a more absorbent dressing


    The one-stop-shop to a diverse range of health care products, Wound-Care is at the forefront of being the leading online retailer for medical dressings. Visit our website for more information- Wound-Care.co.uk.

  • Mepitac Tape A Secure Fixation for Your Skin

    Mepitac tape is a waterproof silicone tape that consists of a soft silicone layer which makes it highly conformable. It is applied to patients with fragile skin as it ensures secure application and gentle removal. This tape is mainly used for fixation of medical devices and dressings such as drains, tubes, probes, electrodes, etc.

    What is Mepitac tape?

    Mepitac tape soft silicone tape is a secure and gentle fixation tape that helps patients with fragile and sensitive skin. The Safetac adhesive makes sure that this tape can be changed without pain or damage. This tape is mainly used for fixation of medical devices such as drains, tubes, probes, electrodes and IV cannulae. The knitted fabric and polyurethane film makes it highly conformable and thus suitable for all kinds of dressings.

    Benefits of Mepitac tape

    • Minimizes pain and skin damage during dressing change
    • Can be used over several days with easy repositioning design
    • Leaves no residue on removal from skin
    • Conforms well to body contours
    • Waterproof design

    Where to use the Mepitac tape?

    • Ideal for allergies, sensitive and fragile skin and conditions like eczema
    • Suitable for repeated application and removal
    • For fixation of medical devices such as wound dressings and probe tubes
    • For neonates, wound, ostomy, and dialysis

    Where not to use Mepitac tape?

    • Not to be used by people who have an allergy to silicone
    • Not to be used on dirty and moist areas
    • Not to be used in places that have ointment applied to them
    • Not to be used on wounds that are bleeding

    Precautions to be taken while using Mepitac tape?

    • Not intended to support or fix life-supporting devices
    • Not for use on arterial catheters or cannulae


    The one-stop-shop to a range of health care and medical aid products, Wound-Care is at the forefront of being the leading online retailer for medical dressings. Visit our website for more information- Wound-Care.co.uk.


  • Mesorb Dressing Absorbent Dressing for Your Wounds

    Mesorb Dressing is a kind of absorbent dressing that can absorb large amounts of wound exudates for a long period of time. This prevents wound contamination and infection from external sources while keeping the patient in comfort with its flexible application. The dressing promotes drying of the wound and helps in faster and better healing.

    What is Mesorb Dressing?

    The Mesorb Dressing is a highly absorbent dressing that can be applied to the wound which secretes a lot of exudates. This dressing absorbs the exudate for a long time also acting as a barrier between the wound and all the external contaminants that might infect the wound further. This dressing can be applied directly to the wound or as a secondary dressing on areas where high absorbency is needed. The back layer has folded edges to prevent any leaks from the side.

    Benefits of Mesorb Dressing

    • Maintains exudate efficiently with its highly absorbent core
    • Low adherent wound contact layer
    • Keeps the outer layer dry
    • Prevents any leakages from the sides
    • Maintain patient comfort with a breathable backing

    Where to use the Mesorb Dressing?

    • Use in on highly exuding wounds
    • Wounds that require a primary dressing
    • Wounds that require secondary dressing for exudate absorption

    Where not to use Mesorb Dressing?

    • Should not be used by persons sensitive to dressings or components
    • Should not be used on areas that are bleeding
    • Not to be used on infected areas
    • Not to be used on untreated wounds

    Precautions to be taken while using Mesorb Dressing?

    • Change the dressing at regular intervals depending upon the exudate being produced
    • Do not reuse this dressing

    At Wound Care you can find an assortment of Mesorb Dressing and a lot f other dressings as well. Visit our official website at wound-care.co.uk for more information about healthcare and first aid. We have the best quality medical aids available with us on our website.

  • Compression Hosiery - Keep Yourself Active

    Compression Hosiery is specially made snug-fitting socks that just have the tube part in them. These stockings squeeze your legs and help your blood vessels work better so bold can flow more freely. They can lessen the pain and swelling in your legs and can prevent any blood clot problems.

    What is Compression Hosiery?

    Compression Hosiery fits snugly to your feet and compresses them lightly so that there are no chances of a blood clot and there is proper flow of blood in your legs. These stockings are mostly used to relieve tired aching legs and provide relief from painful varicose veins. This lowers the chances of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and other circulation problems. They are specially made tighter around the ankles and get looser as they move up the leg.

    Benefits of Compression Hosiery

    Compression Hosiery helps with

    • Painful Varicose veins
    • Throbbing and/or swollen legs
    • Itchy patches above the ankle
    • Tired, aching legs
    • Promotes a healthy flow of blood inside the legs


    Where not to use Compression Hosiery?

    • Diabetics should consult their doctor prior to use
    • Patients with congestive cardiac failure
    • Patients with arterial disease


    Precautions to be taken while using Compression Hosiery?

    • Should not be worn incorrectly
    • Not to be worn for long periods
    • Stockings should not be wrinkled or worn incorrectly
    • Should not be too tight or compressing


    At Wound-Care, one can explore a wide assortment of compression hosiery. Check out the official website and take a step ahead towards providing yourself with effective medical aid and health care services.

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